Winnie the Pooh Interactive Friend

Winnie the Pooh Interactive Friend follows your child’s activities throughout the day and has over 50 phrases to help keep your childs routine.  Winnie will make Zzzzz noises when it is bedtime so, if your child tries to play with him, he will remain asleep! Features include;-

  • Winnie The Pooh Interactive Friend
  • Honey & Spoon
  • Over 50 Interactive Phrases
  • Available At Amazon UK

Winnie the Pooh Interactive Friend

Let us introduce to you not only your little ones new Best Friend but a parents new helper too Winnie the Pooh Interactive Friend by World’s Apart. Winnie the Pooh helps support parents in maintaining a daily routine for your children, he does this by following your childs routine throughout the day. The Winnie the Pooh interactive friend has over 50 phrases where he will say to get dresses, feed him and tell your little one when its time for bed.

Winnie the Pooh Interactive Friend will make ‘Zzzz’ noises when its bedtime so if yout little one wants to play with him at night he will stay asleep! Pooh will say phrases such as ‘good morning friends’ and when playing hide-and-seek he will start calling your little one to come and find him after 20 seconds. This interactive winnie the pooh trainer pal (which it is also known as!) is the perfect toddlers toys for ages 12 months and up.

Get a friendly helping hand with fun daily routine reminders with Winnie the Pooh Interactive Friend toy.

What’s in the Box?

Below is a list of information on what you will receive inside the box of the new winnie the pooh interactive friend kids toys.

  • 1 x Winnie The Pooh Bear
  • 1 x Plastic Honey Pot
  • 1 x Plastic spoon
  • 3 x AA batteries

Features and Specifications for Winnie the Pooh Interactive Friend Toys

Here is a list of the top features and Specifications of winnie the pooh interactive friend toddlers toys. This is what winnie the pooh can do!

  • Pooh knows when it’s time to eat sleep and play, an interactive bear who can be set to follow your daily routines
  • In play mode help Pooh find a great spot to hide. See if you can find him before he falls asleep
  • If your child wakes in the night pooh will encourage your child to go back to sleep and to stay in bed until it is time to get up
  • With over 50 phrases spoken during different times in the day, Pooh is packed with familiar Poohisms from the Hundred-Acre Wood
  • Pooh talks you through his set up process that takes just a few minutes by pressing his nose and hand
  • Suitable for ages 12 Months and Up
  • Bateries Required: 3 xAA Batteries

Winnie the Pooh Interactive Friend Reviews

Find the latest kids toys reviews for Winnie the Pooh Trainer Pal

Are you searching for the latest World’s Apart Winnie the Pooh Interactive Friend Reviews? This section is completely dedicated in bringing you all of the latest kids toys reviews. Reviews are a great way to find out what other customers have thought on this toddlers toy. Below is some reviews from on winnie the pooh interactive friend.

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