World Of Warcraft Monopoly

Monopoly have teamed up with World Of Warcraft to bring you this ultimate collectors item.  The set has many features, some of which include;-

  • Individually crafted figures
  • Original Monopoly format
  • Themed Gameboard
  • Available From Amazon UK

World Of Warcraft Monopoly

Monopoly is the nations favourite board game and world of Warcraft is the gamers ultimate favourite game.  Well now the two have collaborated and released the brand new world of Warcraft monopoly set! The set is a collectors item and is highly sought after in the UK.

Each minifigure is individually crafted to mimic the characters from the World Of Warcraft game, some of which you can see below:

Playing this monopoly game will make you feel like you’re in an extended part of Azeroth. There are many World Of Warcraft characters including Tauren Hunter, Illidian Demon, Lady Vashj, Thargas, Lich King and many more! The monopoly board looks like it is part of Azeroth and its up to you to complete the game alive! Will you take a chance? Will your luck be good with the Treasure Chest? This collectible game will have you hooked at first glance!

Favourite places like Park Place & Boardwalk have been substituted with Alliance Capital Of Stormwind and Horde Capital Of Orgrimmar. Instead of houses and hotels you have towers and taverns! Even the currency and money has been changed to suit the World Of Warcraft theme.

As a real collectors piece, this is a highly sought after game.

World Of Warcraft Monopoly Specifications

  • Dimensions: 25.4 x 50.8 x 3.2
  • Weight: 998g
  • Created By: Monopoly
  • Based On: Monopoly & World Of Warcraft
  • Ages: 8+

Our verdict on the World Of Warcraft Monopoly is that this is more a teenagers toy and older than a childs toy. The game is very entertaining but for children it might be too difficult to play.   With that said, the game is well designed. It looks exactly like it is an extension of the WoW world of Azeroth. For huge fans of WoW this will be the ideal gift. The original Monopoly theme is still evident, you play for money and properties but the money is adapted to gold just like in World Of Warcraft. We love that this game can be played day in and day out without ever getting boring, however as this is a multiplayer game, its not something that can be played with alone.  Also, as this is a collectors piece, it is doubtful stock will last. Set to be a huge seller this Christmas!

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