Zingzillas Panzee

Watch Zingzillas Panzee dance along to her favourite music! Straight from the hit tv show comes Zingzilla Panzee, she wears a frilly tutu and loves nothing more than a sing song! She has many features, which include;-

Zingzillas Panzee

Zingzillas Panzee Play N Groove is the latest addition to the Zingzillas range. Zingzillas Panzee Play N Groove is one of the most sought after toys of 2011. Every young girl wants one!

ZingZillas love dancing along to their favourite songs from the hit cbeebies show! With one fast song and one slow song watch them adjust the speed of their dance to match the rhythm of the song!

You can even adjust your Zingzillas Panzee Play N Groove’s arms, they can also perform lots of exciting dance routines!

This bestselling toy is set to be at the top of every christmas list, so it is important that you use our handy price comparison to compare prices and buy quickly. These kids toys are storming their way through 2011.

Whats in the box?

What’s in this Zingzillas Panzee Play N Groove must have 2011 toy box?

  • Zingzillas Panzee Play N Groove
  • Special Outfit From The Cbeebies Show

Full specifications for Zingzillas Panzee Play N Groove

  • Zingzillaz Panzees dances at the touch of her hand
  • Suitable for children ages 3+
  • Requires 4 x AAA Batteries (Included)
  • Two dances at different speeds

Zingzillas Panzee Play N Groove Reviews

Find up-to-date kids toys reviews for Zingzillas Panzee Play N Groove

Searching for Zingzillas Panzee Play N Groove reviews? This section is dedicated in bringing you the good and any bad reviews which are available for this toy. As this is brand new for 2011, there are no reviews available yet, however they will be put right here as soon as they are.


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