10 Ways To Keep Your Kids Entertained During The World Cup

90 minutes is a long time if you’re a child, so it’s important to keep them entertained during the World Cup games so that footy fans  can watch the game in peace.  We came up with 10 ways to help keep your kids entertained during the World Cup.

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1 – While your team is playing, ask your children to draw a picture of the oppositions team shirt and colour it in.  Every time they draw a picture, tell them they can hang it on the wall or fridge for the remainder of the World Cup. This will keep them busy and give them a reason to stay quiet.

2 – Write 5 fun facts about one of the teams playing on pieces of paper and hide them around the house. When the game starts, send the kids on a treasure hunt to find the 5 pieces of paper and read them.  At the end of the treasure hunt, they get a small treat of your choice. Make sure you hide them well (and away from the television room!) to ensure they don’t find them too quickly, 90 minutes is a long time!

3 – Exhaust them by playing a game of football prior to the match. Nap time!

4 – Feed them. Full mouths = silent mouths.

5 – Teach them all the players name of your supporting team and if they can recite the entire team’s names they are rewarded with a treat.

6 – Arrange for a group of girls to play against a group of boys in your garden or the local park so that all the parents can get together to watch the game and if some Mum’s don’t enjoy football then they can gather in the park to oversee the game!

7 – Draw a few different team shirts on seperate pieces or paper and the team names on a few more, mix them up and ask your kids to put the correct team strip to the name.

8 – Print out the lyrics to your supporting team’s National Anthem and ask your kids to memorize the words and they can sing it to you after the game. Top tip – if you ask them to memorize a foreign national anthem it might take them the entire fortnight to learn it – Result!

9 – Kids love to be in charge of things and have a job to do. You could always get your kids to be in charge of game snacks, or in charge of pouring drinks (water or juice of course!).

10 – If all else fails, take them to Granny’s house.

We hope you enjoyed our top 10 ways to keep the kids entertained during the World Cup.

If you have any ideas, please leave them in the comments below or feel free to tweet us @underxmastree – we love hearing from you!.

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