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2016 Snow Watch – Will It Be A White Christmas? See This Years Predictions

If you’re dreaming or a White Christmas then you’ve came to the right place as we take a look at this years predictions on where in the UK will get snow this Xmas.

snow watch
The first flake of snow was spotted at the Cairngorms, in the Scottish Highlands, today the 19th October!

Snow Expected To Arrive Earlier?
Mince pie’s and Xmas cards have hit shelves so it would only seem right that national newspapers make noise on the BIG FREEZE once again. According to one weather forecaster there is a possibility of snow arriving very early and it could be a White Christmas for some however the Met Office have told UnderTheChristmasTree: ‘There has been a bit of media speculation about a snowy and icy winter but this isn’t based on any hard facts’

Will I Have a White Christmas?
As it’s just a little too early for bookmakers to be offering odds, and the Met Office can only predict with any accuracy just five days before Christmas Day we can only speculate, however once any information has been announced we will of course put it up on this page.

William Hill has sent us over the odds for a white Christmas 2016:

7/2 Aberdeen, 3/1 Edinburgh, 4/1 Glasgow, 4/1 Belfast, 6/1 Leeds, 7/1 Liverpool, 5/1 London, 7/1Manchester, 6/1 Newcastle, 7/1 Birmingham, 8/1 Bristol, 9/1 Cardiff, 9/1 Dublin, 5/1 Norwich, 10/1 Penzance

Snow Facts:
Did you know: Snow already lying on the ground does not count as a White Christmas, it has to fall at any time during the twenty four hours of Christmas day for it to count!

Why not prepare early for the BIG FREEZE and snow with these ideas from Ebay UK.

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