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Christmas Gift Review 2021: Whisky Advent Calendar 25 Drams For 25 Days

What better way to countdown to Christmas in December than with a different 30ml whisky each day? We’ve been kindly sent the Whisky Advent Calendar 25 drams for 25 days by The Really Good Whisky Company. Here’s what John from our team thought.

Image Of Whisky Advent Calendar 25 Drams For 25 Days
Image credit: The Really Good Whisky Company

John said: “Whisky is my choice when I’m having an alcoholic drink and I do like trying different kinds but that can sometimes be expensive as I might only want to try a small amount to see if I like it first rather than buying a full-size bottle, so I was really excited to give this whisky advent calendar a try.

The Really Good Whisky Company, £149.50: SHOP NOW

First I really liked the design of the box, it was neat and compact and had a lovely winter, festive scene on the front and on the back was a breakdown of all the whiskies that are included in the advent calendar. There are 25 windows, all numbered and each has a small tab at the side so that it is easy to open and I don’t have to worry about ripping the box or the next window.

Image Of Whisky Advent Calendar 25 Drams For 25 Days Inside

I won’t list all of the whiskies that are in the box as I do not want to ruin the surprise however I will list a few. Each of the bottles is 30ml each, are a glass bottle, have a black screw lid and on the front of the bottle, it states what whisky it is, if it is a single or blended and the ABV. The first door I opened, I won’t say which number, had The Glenturret which is a Single Malt Whisky, I poured this into my glass and added some water and I did enjoy this however it was a little too peaty and smokey for me.

The Really Good Whisky Company, £149.50: SHOP NOW

Next up I found Highland Park 12-year-old Viking Honour Single Malt Whisky, I will be honest and say that I am a fan of this whisky and have had it before, it has a lovely blend of sweetness but also had a nice smokey note with hints of citrus. Opening up another door was a whisky that I had not tried yet which was the Machrie Moor Single Malt Whisky which was a little lighter in colour compared to some of the other whiskies, his was a nice whisky and I could taste hints of vanilla and peat which I did like.

Image Of Whisky Advent Calendar 25 Drams For 25 Days Whiskies Included

Finally, I found Rock Island which is a 21 Year Old Blended Malt Whisky which again I hadn’t tried and I have to say I was pleasantly surprise as sometimes I can find blended whiskies too sweet but this one had a really nice, smooth taste, I could taste black pepper but felt this was balanced out with sweetness.

Overall I was very impressed with the 25 Drams For 25 Days advent calendar, I liked the wide variety of whiskies included and the fact that they were all 30cl each. It is a great way to try out different kinds and varieties to know what I like.”

The Really Good Whisky Company Whisky Advent Calendar 25 Drams For 25 Days is available to buy for £149.50.

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Please drink responsibly.