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5 Easy ways to brighten up your home after Christmas

Wondering how to brighten up your home now the Christmas decorations have been put away? Fear not! as we’ve got 5 easy ways you can add a little cheer to your home.

5 Easy ways to brighten up your home after ChristmasWe earn a commission for products purchased through some of the links in this article.

Once all the tinsel and baubles have been took down and taped into their cardboard box it leaves you feeling a little down in the dumps. The half broken twinkling lights which you just don’t have the heart to bin, wave you goodbye until next year and now your home feels a little less warm and sparkly, right?…

Weep not our festive friends! You, like us, can still keep a little Christmas decor magic without friends or family even noticing.

So chase away those January blues as here we share 5 easy ways to brighten your home after Christmas.

1. Fill your home with fresh or faux flowers

John Lewis Fuchsia Peony Artificial Roses in Black Cube
Image credit: John Lewis & Partners

Fill the gap where your festive Poinsettia’s and wreaths should have been with an gorgeous bunch of brightly colourd flowers, these don’t even need to be real. These Fuchsia Peony Artificial Roses in Black Cube from John Lewis would give any room in your home an instant pop of colour, plus why not add in a couple of sparkly left over pine cones to make this feel even more Wintry.

2. Non festive themed garlands

Pine cones for a garland
Image credit: Pixabay

There are still plenty of ways you can decorate your fireplace with a garland, it doesn’t have to be all Santa and stocking designs. If your good at craft or DIY try making your own with colours of the season, such as green foliage with pine cones and perhaps even cut outs of different birds and berries.

Can’t be bothered with all the fuss of creating your own? no worries! Just because Christmas is over doesn’t mean you can’t buy an understated version from the stores such as John Lewis and Amazon.

3. Embrace the fairy lights

Moments Photo Wallets String Lights from Studio
Image credit: Studio

Soft glowing twinkling lights are what make Christmas feel cosy and warm, so although you’ve sent the multi coloured up to the loft, ice white and warm white can still work all year round.

Look for different shaped lights and string them along mantle pieces, cupboards and across windows for a subtle yet flattering look. These Moments Photo Wallets String Lights from Studio.co.uk (£9.99) would work perfectly in your living room.

4. Keep your room warm with accessories

Knitted throw from Very.co.uk
Image credit: Very.co.uk

Berries are not just for Christmas so burning scented candles, which hurrah! you’ll now find in the sale will fill your room with warmth and remind you of times gone bye. Cushion and throws are still very much needed in this chilly weather go for bold colours such as this knitted throw by Very.co.uk for £45.99.

5. Dress the table and start chatting!

16-Piece Porcelain Embossed by studio
Image credit: Studio

Just because your home might not be filled to the brim with friends and family, there’s no reason why your dining room table shouldn’t be dressed for just you and your family. Place mats, centrepieces and dinner sets including this 16-Piece Porcelain Embossed set from Studio.co.uk for £34.99 will make your table seem less bare and ready for your evening meal.

How do you make your home more joyful post Christmas?

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