5 Reasons Sambuca Should Be At Your Christmas Party

Having friends round this Christmas but don’t want to serve up the usual sherry and mulled wine? then why not try something a little more different…Sambuca! We were kindly sent these to review.

Antica Sambuca is an aniseed based liqueur from Italy which you can get in a wide variety of styles including the traditional white to a black liquorice infused version – not sounding appealing? well with our 5 reasons why Sambuca should be at your Christmas party and what you can do with it, it soon will be!

1. Sambuca shots

After coming in from the cold and wet why not greet your friends with a small shot of flavoured Sambuca and get them to guess what flavour they are drinking, it won’t be long before everyone is rocking around the Christmas tree.

2. Flaming Sambuca Shots
It’s Christmas – your allowed to show off…well just a little! simply fill a small shot glass with traditional white Sambuca, place three coffee beans at the bottom and light – your friends will be in awe however don’t forget the glass will be warm so make sure to blow out before drinking, you don’t want to be “Krisp Kringle”.

3. Black Liquorice Coffee Liquer
Once you have had one you will want more! Simply add a teaspoon or two (depending on how strong you like your coffee) and a good few glugs of Black Sambuca, top with boiling water a feel it warm up your insides as it goes down – the perfect way to end a meal.

4. Nigella’s Sambuca Kisses
If you haven’t given these a whirl then do so now! These sweet little Sambuca kisses (like doughnuts) are the ultimate nibble, once done it is best to eat straight away not only do they taste delicious but the liqueur gives them that little extra oomph for a true Christmas treat.

Eat straight away and with a Black coffee liqueur, see the recipe here:

5. Different flavours For Everyone!
We do love Sherry and mulled wine at Xmas however it is nice to have a change.  Antica Sambuca comes in an array of different variety’s (great as it suits even the fussiest of people) from Banana which is very sweet and could easily be poured over ice cream, Coffee flavour which would go great in a tiramasu recipe and cherry which we would add into our
Christmas pudding!

Put away that dusty bottle of mulled wine, cork the sherry and go for something unique this Christmas with Antica Sambuca range, we’re pretty sure Santa would love to try one on Christmas Eve!

For more information and flavours please visit:

Please drink responsibly for more information please visit:
Have you tried Sambuca?  Let us know what you thought below!

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