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A huge THANK-YOU to our festive friends

Well it’s that time of the year again where we head into 202 with so much to look forward to and we want to say THANK-YOU to our festive friends with this special message.

Thank-You festive friends

Although this year, whether it be politically or personally, has been full of many different twists and turns, (we’re seriously not even going to mention the B word, but we’re sure Santa has left many politicians a lump of coal on Christmas morning!), it has been a year full of excitement and kindness shown by our festive friends.

UnderTheChristmasTree wants to thank each and every single one of you, our festive friends, for following us throughout the entire year. Special thanks go to those who sent us information, tips, advice, lovely comments and all of those Christmas heads up.

Seeing the joy we bring and our festive friends bring to us throughout the entire year is what makes us feel jolly-tastic every single day. As always, we’re here celebrating Christmas 365 days a year.

So what main things did we learn from 2019?:

1. We didn’t know just how much we could fall in love with an animated character (Hi Edgar!)
2. The teaser is the nations favourite chocolate – who knew?
3. Proroguing Parliament is a thing?! ha!

and finally our 12 days of Christmas is even more popular than ever!

What can you expect from UnderTheChristmasTree in 2020? As always we will be here every day with exclusive Christmas news, celebrity Q&A’s, Video How to’s, advice and of course giveaways galore, we’re basically Santa throughout the rest of the year.

What will be new for 2020? Well festive friends, hold onto your Santa hats as we will soon launch our very own podcast, you’ll see us at many different press events and we’ve got a few hidden prezzies up our Santa suit.

This to date has been our most successful year yet and we’re going nowhere – who says Christmas should be kept in December? – NOT US!

Thanks festive friends! Here’s to the most wonderful time of the year!.

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