A Robin’s Not Just For Christmas

Following a nationwide ballot which saw over 200,000 people respond it was declared that Britain’s favourite bird is ……the Christmas Robin!

Our little red breasted friend, which can be found on Christmas cards every year beat some strong competitors including the Barn Owl who received 12% of the votes and knocked the bright orange-yellow beak and eye-ringed blackbird one of the UK’s most striking garden bird,  the Blackbird into 3rd place with 11%.

Launched by ornithologist David Lindo, with an initial list of 60 British birds and a short list of 10, gardeners favourite, the robin took top spot with a whopping 34% of the vote.

So will our favourite bird join America’s Bald Eagle, France’s Gallic Rooster and India’s Peacock and be named as Britain’s National Bird.

Would you like to see the Robin as our national bird?  Get in touch below and let us know.

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