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A Second General Election By Christmas?

As if election fever wasn’t high enough right now, depute prime minister and leader of the Liberal Democrats Party, Nick Clegg, reckons we will have a second general election by Christmas.

The General election is tomorrow (just in case you didn’t know!) and both the Labour Party and the Conservative Party are refusing to have a coalition government in the event of a minority vote. However, Nick Clegg warns that because of this, we could be seeing a second General Election by Christmas.

Speaking of the election, Mr Clegg said:

“The last thing Britain needs is a second election before Christmas.  But that is exactly what will happen if Ed Miliband and David Cameron put their own political interest ahead of the national interest.”

Of course, Mr Clegg then remarked that a Coalition with the Liberal Democrats would ensure a ‘Stable’ government, however it’s worth noting that the SNP are also in a strong position to work with, despite both leading parties refusing to work with the party.

We won’t ask how you will be voting in the election, but would ask this, do you think either party should put aside their personal thoughts to form a coalition for the good of the country? or do you want another election by Christmas?

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