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Christmas Gift Review 2021: Air Up Starter Set

Get ready to trick your taste buds into drinking more flavoured soda when actually it’s just normal tap water as we review the all-new Air Up water bottle.

AirUp Starter Set

It’s no secret that drinking water has HUGE benefits, but then why do just 45% of Brits only drink one glass of water a day? the answer, because it’s boring! however new water bottle system, Air Up has launched an innovative design which fools your brain into thinking you’ve tasted flavoured water, when in fact you’ve only smelt it, sceptical? so were we which is why Air Up kindly sent us across its starter set for us to test and here are the very surprising results Katy from the team found.

AirUp Water Bottle

“There’s no doubt about it, I never drink enough water, it’s just too plain especially when all those tasty fizzy juices are lined up on supermarket shelves calling my name, it way too easy to just pick those up instead, which is why I was very curious to test out Air Up as they state you will feel as though you are drinking cola when in fact it’s just tap water.

So how does it work? well without being too fancy it works on retronasal smell, or in my terms, tasting with your nose.

On opening the box, which might I add is very bright and gave a sort of Love Island feel, there was a handy sheet guide, instruction booklet (which you really don’t need), water bottle and straw and of course two small pod packets – Lime & Orange Passionfruit.

Christmas Gift Review 2021 - Air Up Water Bottle Starter Set

As per the instructions, I filled to the 650ml mark, ensured the straw was put on correctly and decided to go for the Orange Passionfruit pod, which you place around the base of the silicone mouthpiece.

I quickly learned you do not need to tilt the bottle to drink the water and the results, well, I felt as though I was drinking some sort of Caribbean cocktail, It was outstanding! to be perfectly honest I genuinely didn’t think the flavour would be there or if it was it wouldn’t be just as nice as it was, and each scent-pod (14 to choose from) flavours at least five litres of water – money-saving or what!

Air Up Scent-Pods

The only downside, I ended up drinking the whole 650ml very quickly and needed the toilet about a hundred times, however, I can safely say it’s going to help me kick diet soft drinks and flavoured water packed with sweeteners completely.”

The Starter Set includes one bottle and two scent pods and is priced at £29.95 to £34.95, depending on the colour of the bottle. Each additional pack of three pods then costs between £5.95 to £8.95, depending on the flavour.

AirUp Hot Pink Bottle

Who knows what flavour will be next, could we be drinking our Christmas day dinner or sipping on a mince pie? the flavours are endless!

This would make the ideal sustainable Christmas gift for those who are looking to make a difference in the environment.