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Aldi launches a world-first sprout hypnosis

HATE sprouts but secretly want to LOVE them? then your Christmas wish can come true as Aldi teams up with well-known hypnotist Paul McKenna to create the world’s first sprout hypnosis.

There’s no sprout about it – you either love or hate Brussels Sprouts BUT now Aldi has teamed up with renowned hypnotist Paul McKenna to create the world’s first sprout hypnosis to turn haters into lovers.

Watch the trance below:

Yes, really! the 10-minute trance on Aldi’s YouTube channel shows McKenna teaching us how to use the power of mind over matter to help viewers create positive associations to the mini brassicas, eradicating previous fears and apprehension regarding sprout consumption.

Aldi put the trance to the test by recruiting two sprout hating members of the public to undergo hypnosis with Paul including Scott Garson, a Finance Manager from Clapham, London who said: “I’m shocked. I think the most surprising outcome of this experiment is that after eating one sprout, I went in for another. I never thought that I would like them, let alone want more! I just hope it lasts and it’s a merry sproutmas.”

Aldi Paul McKeena Brussels Sprout

Plus, if it does work, 130 million sprouts could be saved from the bin on Christmas Day.

Will you give it a go?….we already love sprouts!