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Celebrate in style this Christmas with Aldi’s Aldimania Winter Collection

That’s right festive friends, Aldi has unveiled it’s brand new Aldimania Winter Collection and it’s starting from just £1.49!

Aldimania Winter Collection
Image credit: Aldi

The collection is going on pre-order online from 14th November, instore from 25th November, includes onesies and also sees the return of the Aldimania hoodie.


To launch the new collection, Aldi is taking over Victoria Warehouse billboard in Manchester, which is the largest in the UK and second largest in Europe, on Saturday 13th November.

Image credit: Aldi

Julie Ashfield, Managing Director of Buying at Aldi UK, said: “Following the success of our Aldimania range earlier this year and huge demand from shoppers for more, we really wanted to take the collection to the next level by, not only expanding the range, but unveiling it with our very own high fashion catwalk. We can’t wait for our shoppers to see it!”

So what will be in the Aldimania Winter Collection?

Aldimania Hoodie – £14.99 Online Only
Aldimania Christmas Fleece Jumper – £9.99 available online only
Aldimania Christmas Fleece Trousers – £9.99 available online only
Aldimania Christmas Socks – £1.49
Aldimania Christmas Onesie- £17.99

Image credit: Aldi

We can’t wait to see the new collection. Aldi recently released this year’s ‘A Christmas Carrot‘ advert with Ebanana Scrooge and of course, Kevin The Carrot!