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Christmas Gift Review 2021: Anker Eufy HomeVac H30 Venture

At Christmas there’s is always dust from decorations and pine needles from your Christmas tree and it’s frustrating having to get a bulky hoover out every time, so when Anker kindly send us the new HomeVac H30, Elaine from the team couldn’t wait to try it.

Image Of Homevac H30 Venture Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
Image credit: Eufy/Anker

Elaine said: “It can be a nightmare always trying to hoover up the dust and pine needles at Christmas time and I don’t always want to get my corded hoover out all of the time, it’s quite heavy and is just not convenient to use. When the new Anker Eufy HomeVac H30 arrived in the office I was really keen to give it a try. This is a cordless vacuum cleaner which is a big plus for me, no more worrying about tripping over cables, having to lift a bulky hoover and it’s just so much lighter to use.

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Image Of Anker Eufy HomeVac H30 Venture Battery

Taking a look at the setup process was easy, I simply connected the battery which just slides in and clicks in place at the back and set up the charging base which took less than 5 minutes and left to charge for around 4 hours as per the instructions.

Image Of Anker Eufy HomeVac H30 Venture Buttons

After that, the HomeVac Venture was ready to use, I will just say that I really liked the design, it is black in colour and you can clearly see the Power button, empty button and Max Eco button, plus you can see how much is in the hoover so makes it easier to know when to empty it. The HomeVac H30 is really light to hold and the hand was comfortable and when I pressed the ON button, I couldn’t believe the suction as sometimes with handheld vacuum cleaners the suction isn’t that great.

Image Of Anker Eufy HomeVac H30 Venture On

The H30 Venture easily cleaned up any mess and dust with ease and I could get into the hard-to-reach areas without any hassle. The H30 wasn’t too noisy and loud either which was a great bonus. I really liked the fact that I could take this anywhere in the house and vacuum with ease, whether it was cleaning up pine needles to hoovering the stairs, I loved the fact that the H30 Venture did such a brilliant job at getting all the dust and dirt.

Image Of Anker Eufy HomeVac H30 Venture Charging Lights

I also liked the fact that I could take this up to a car and vacuum up also with the included multi-surface tool, again a great way to give the car a tidy up without any hassle. There is also a MAX Eco option which helps the battery last a bit longer and is the option I used for everyday use.

Image Of Anker Eufy HomeVac H30 Venture Charging

When it was time to empty the H30, I simply pressed the button which had a bin image and that was it. When I was finished with the H30 Venture, I simply put this back on the base and it was ready for use again. When the HomeVac needs charging it will change lights on the vacuum itself.

Overall I loved the HomeVac H30 Venture, it was so simple to set up, had brilliant suction and was light to hold. I really liked the design as it was sleek and modern and would be perfect for any household!”

The Eufy HomeVac H30 Venture is available to buy online for £149.99 from Anker.