Appletters The Word Worm Game By Bananagrams

“How do you like them apples?” – Appletters The new word worm game by Bananagrams is exactly like dominoes except you connect the letters and not the dots. We were kindly sent this to review. The game features:

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  • 110 Tiles
  • Soft, compact red pouch in the shape of an apple
  • Suitable for age 5+
  • For 2-4 players
  • Available At Amazon UK

Appletters Bananagrams Game

At first glance Appletters looks small, easy to play and something you might not really think would do a lot however this is simply not the case, the game is full of fun, excitement and educational benefits which will help not only children’s concentration but adults too.

You will notice the bright red apple shaped pouch which has a brown carry handle (to make it look like the stock) and a leaf on the side making this toy look like an apple – it even feels just a little heavier than an apple. Stored away inside the zipped pouch is 110 tiles each with a red capital letter on the front.

There are three different games you can play:  Appletters, Apple Turnover and Applescore, we at UnderTheChristmasTree decided to give the first a go.

To start simply empty the tiles on the surface face down, give them a quick muddle up and dish out evenly, line up your tiles and make sure no-one else can see them – John (the boss) thought he could have a quick look at mine!

You must then build up words but only using the first or last letter of existing word, sounds easy? well yes it is however, concentration is the key. You can become very frustrated as you either cant think of a word or don’t have the letter for it. If you cannot make a word with any other the other players tiles simply pick up three extra tiles from the pile and say “pick and pass” but be warned the more tiles you have the longer it will take for you to win – Mandy from our team ended up having over 6 extra tiles left and… she didn’t win.

As the worm (chain) gets bigger and bigger the game will start to become to an end, if you have no tiles left simply shout “How do you like them apples?” and you are the winner. We played this game twice (during coffee breaks of course) and had to zip it back up before giving it another go. As mentioned before you can play a further two games where players begin with 21 tiles and try and make longer words and can even replace an opponents word.

Overall the game does take a little longer to play than Bananagrams but families will love this over the holidays.  It is portable, easy to keep clean and store away plus at around £14 it is good value for money.  The perfect stocking filler for Christmas, children and adults a like will play this Winning Moves game for days on end.

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