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Christmas Gift Guide review 2021: Artie Max

Have you heard about the Robot that can bring code to life with colourful art? if not, meet Artie Max, here we put Artie to the test.

Artie Max STEM Toy

Designed to make STEM coding experience easy and fun from the second he comes out of the box, here we test out Artie Max and see just what this nifty little gadget can do.

Katy said: “Artie Max has to be thee coolest coding toy I’ve seen, not only does he look rock and roll but he makes coding fun and colourful.

Artie Max in Box

To start all you have to do is connect to any WIFI-enabled device, as this smart dude doesn’t even need to connect to the internet making it super safe and secure as he has his very Wi-Fi server, fancy!

The built-in tutorials give an easy-to-follow startup. phew! as I hate having to go through too many instructions.

Once set up I choose to begin with the pre-programmed designs because lets be honest, I wanted something with instant results from this hero robot, and he didn’t disappoint.

Artie Max out of box

After popping in the coloured markers which come inside the box (alongside a rechargeable battery, LED light-up eyes and mouth, emotive sounds, smart sensors, and line-detection) and getting a wad of paper, I was impressed that Artie Kept on the paper as he went scooting around creating fun and colourful pictures.

I felt now was time to get started on more in-depth designs and was relieved to see just how easy trying the coding was. With Artie Max, kids code designs in five real coding languages – Blockly, Snap!, JavaScript, Python, and C++ and all you need to do is drag and drop each instruction and watch Artie’s eyes and mouth lights up as he does his magic and brings your drawing to life.

Artie Max

Although designed for kids, it did take me a small amount of time to get used to all the features and functions, to be honest, I’m still trying out features and drawings but have to say I LOVE Artie Max, as he really does bring the fun-factor into STEM and if you are searching for a unique, educational toy with all the extra fun this Christmas, get Artie Max, he won’t let you down.”

Artie Max - On

Artie Max created by Learning Resources is available from Amazon for £79.70