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Be Smart With Your TV This Christmas With Google Chromecast

With so many great Christmas television shows coming to our screens this festive season, it’s important that we have access to the internet and different streaming platforms on our televisions. Enter Google Chromecast. We were kindly sent this to review.

Google Chromecast is the perfect way to sync your tablet, smartphone and other devices to your television. You can access everything from Netflix, to BBC Iplayer & All 4 by connecting this nifty device to your television which is perfect for all of the festive movies and television shows coming to our screens this Christmas 2016!

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By using Google Chrome as your browser, you can sync anything that you are able to watch online to your television instantly. Google prides itself with the Chromecast being simple and straightforward to use, so we sent Katy off to try it out.

Katy said:

“When the team asked me to go and connect the Chromecast to the television, I was dreading it. I’m normally great at working devices, but not so great installing them. I opened the Chromecast box and it said to simply plug the device into the hdmi area before changing the ‘source’ on the television to find the appliance. This was fairly straightforward, even I couldn’t mess it up! I then installed the Google Cast App on my Iphone and enabled my Bluetooth (it apparently makes setup easier and I am all for that!) I then selected the chromecast from my bluetooth devices before making sure my phone was connected to the same wifi as the Chromecast.

A little window popped up on my television with a code on it and it also appeared on my phone. The instructions say to click on ‘I see The Code’ on the television. I selected my region (pretty straightforward) and entered the wifi password (after spending 10 minutes looking for the card that had the wifi password on it, I had sat it in a safe place but forgot where the safe place was!). It was all set up after this step, I was pretty darn shocked if I’m honest. Normally appliances take a lot longer and are a whole lot more fiddly than this was.

My ‘challenge’ wasn’t over. I still had to stream something from my phone, to the television. I went onto the app to find out which apps are Google Cast Enabled and discovered Netflix is. I opened Netflix and clicked on ‘Arthur Christmas’. I clicked on the small window in the top right which had a little window and a wifi icon in it. This synced to the television instantly and I was watching Arthur Christmas! (purely for research purposes of course!)

I was really impressed with how simple and straightforward the Google Chromecast was to use and am looking forward to watching all of our favourite Christmas movies during work time! (Just kidding, kind of…)”

Well there you have Katy’s thoughts on the Google Chromecast, shes so impressed that shes going to buy this for her grandparents this Christmas.

If you would like more information and would like to buy this, head on over to Currys.

What do you think of the Google Chromecast? Comment below and let us know.


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