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Best Candles And Reed Diffusers For Christmas 2021

What better way to feel Christmasey than with some beautiful Christmas scents throughout your home? We’ve rounded up the best candles and reed diffusers for Christmas.

We were kindly sent these for review but all thoughts are our own.

Best Candles And Reed Diffusers For Christmas 2021

Yankee Candle – Letters To Santa, £24.99 SHOP NOW

Christmas Candles 2021 - Yankee Candle - Letters To Santa, £24.99

Yankee Candle’s Letters To Santa comes in a vibrant Santa red colour and is supposed to evoke the excitement of writing to Santa for both young and old and has a burn time of around 110-150 hours. Katy from our team said ” I do love my Yankee Candles, and this certainly lived up to last years collection. Once lit, you could instantly smell hints of musk, cinnamon and slight sweetness of praline. I’ve had this on a couple of times and have to say it fills the room nicely, it’s not overpowering in scents and so far the burn time has lasted really well, I tend to blow out after a couple of hours.”

SJ Scents & Co Cinnamon, Clove & Orange Candle, £22 SHOP NOW

Image Of SJ Scents & Co Cinnamon, Clove & Orange Candle
Image credit: SJ Scents & Co

Fill the room with SJ Scents & Co Luxury Scented Candle which is Cinnamon, Clove & Orange, could this be any more festive? Elaine from our team said: “Wow if there was ever a candle that smelled like Christmas then it is this one. First I loved the packaging, the candle is housed in a stone-like holder which I think looks very elegant. To smell it was amazing, I could smell the orange and the clove but it had that warm sweetness to it from the cinnamon. As per the instructions, I burned this candle for no more than 4 hours and my house smelled absolutely beautiful, it just made everything feel warm and cosy and I would definitely be using this candle over and over again.”

SJ Scents & Co Frankincense & Cedarwood Reed Diffuser SHOP NOW

Image Of SJ Scents & Co Frankincense & Cedarwood Reed Diffuser
Image credit: SJ Scents & Co

Arriving in a beautiful bottle with 6 diffuser reeds, this diffuser just makes you want to think about Christmas. Mandy said: “I do like reed diffusers, they can be placed in any room and left to give a nice scent all day. When I placed SJ Scents & Co into my dining room, within a short space of time the room was filled with the earthy smell of Frankincense but also had the woody scent of Cedarwood which gave a real winter feel to the scent, this was balanced out with sweetness notes including cinnamon which is just a must over Christmas time.”

Yankee Candle, Merry Berry, £24.99 SHOP NOW

Christmas Candles 2021 - Yankee Candle, Merry Berry, £24.99

Yankee Candle’s Merry Berry candle has a deep dark cherry-ish colour to it and is made to remind you of baking traditional recipes with friends and family on the run-up to the festive period. Holly from our team said “I LOVE sweet-smelling candles, and this actually reminded me of dark cherry yoghurt. Once lit you could really smell hints of raspberry but with a warm buttery note of vanilla. I would burn this all day long if I could however after about three hours the room couldn’t get any nicer, you can burn for longer however I feel a few hours is the perfect amount.”

Floral Street Midnight Tulip, Scented Candle, £34 SHOP NOW

Floral Street Midnight Tulip Candle

Vegan, Sustainable, ethical and consciously sourced what more could we possible say? well, Katy from our team had pleanty! “If you’re planning a cosy, relaxing, festive-flick, face-mask sort of night you need this candle in your life. Instantly you could smell the warm, musky notes of rich amber and delicate notes of sweet and spciy patchouli. I placed this in the centre of my room (which is advised) and burned for around 2 hours and the scents filled the whole room and didn’t fade for long time. The candle will burn for approx 40 hours so I’ll be looking foward to using this throughout the winter.”

Wild Planet Aromatherapy, Forest Bathing candle, £29 SHOP NOW

Wild Planet Aromatherapy - Forest Bathing Candle

Ethically produced, vegan friendly and 100% recelyable, here’s what Mandy had to say about Wild Planet Aromatherapy, Forest Bathing candle: “If you’re searching for a candle to think and feel of wintry wooden walks then this is one for you, it seriously does smell like you’re in the midst of shopping for a Christmas tree or even a fresh wreath. Burning for around 2 hours, this has a stong scent of juniper, cedarwood and eucalyptus which I personally felt was so refreshing and enjoyable. I loved how the aromas filled the room in no time and held its scent for ages. To be honest, I know I’m going to burn this everyday espcially when having a relaxing bath.”

Dr Botanicals Gingerlily candle, £19.99 SHOP NOW

Dr Botanicals Gingerlily candle, £19.99

Dr Botanical Gingerlily Candle is set to give off amazing benefits as it burns, from its style to smell, Elaine was impressed and said “This is one of the more stronger candles I’ve smelt, it has a really fresh scent, with hints of jasmine and slight spice. It filled my room (which is pretty large) and burned evenly and did make me feel more relaxed and calm. The candle is (as mentioned) pretty strong so I would recommened for burning for a short period of time – it’s perfect if you love relaxing on the sofa reading a Christmas book.”

Babyblooms, Winter Relaxation Candle, £22 SHOP NOW

Babyblooms, Winter Relaxation Candle, £22

Hand-made, delicately scented and natural plant wax makes this the ultimate stocking fillers for new mums and mums to be. Katy said “You can understand why this candle would make an ideal gift for new parents, it jam-packed with natural ingredients to help keep you soothed and relaxed. Although not a parent myself, I burned the candle (which burns evenly) and it smelt so inviting, the ylang ylang and lavendar really came through but didn’t overpower the room. With hints of orange and geranium, you really do feel warm and cosy and more relaxed. Overall for £22 I’ll ceratinly be grabbing a few more.

Now we can’t wait to start burning even more festive candles and cosying into a festive throw and watch the Christmas tree lights twinkling – very relaxing.