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Best Christmas Candles And Reed Diffusers For 2023

What better way to feel Christmassy than with some beautiful Christmas scents throughout your home? We’ve rounded up the best Christmas candles and reed diffusers.

The BEST Christmas Candles & Diffusers - Image generated by Bing AI

Nothing quite makes you feel like it’s Christmas than a gorgeous festive scented candle burning throughout your home. Scents like orange, cinnamon, and clove can evoke memories from Christmases gone past.

So we’ve rounded up the best Christmas-scented candles & diffusers to ensure you have a scent-sational Christmas.

Spritz Wellness London – JOY – Cinnamon & Orange Candle, £28

Spritz Wellness London - JOY - Cinnamon & Orange Candle

The JOY (30cl) vegan candle has a burn time of approximately 45 hours and comes encased in a gorgeous rounded box. If there was a candle that nailed Christmas in a scent then this is the one. The sweetness of the orange and the spice of the cinnamon reminded us of an evening spent putting up our Christmas tree. Burning the candle (which we had lit for a couple of hours) the room was filled with beautiful aromas of orange and cinnamon and made everything feel warm and cosy.

BRULER Bergamot & Oud Soy Candle

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Arriving in a very bold BRULER box the candle was snuggled inside. Once opened you are instantly hit with the sharp and intense bergamot which is then evenly balanced with the earthly Oud. This reminded us of a day spent walking through the woods on a winter’s morning. We lit and burned for around 3 hours (burning time is approx 40 hours) which was enough as the scent filled our room and didn’t fade for a long time.

The English Soap Company – Merry Christmas Candle, £11.50

The English Soap Company - Merry Christmas Candle

Everything winter embraces, the Merry Christmas candle box is firstly what stands out with its deep red colour and woodland theme, you know that Christmas has arrived. We loved the smell of what we would describe as a fresh festive wreath and a bouquet of flowers. With notes of jasmine, rose, lily, and violet, our room has a soft sweet, and slightly musky smell – not overbearing or too sweet, this is the perfect all-rounder for any room in your home.

Red House Aromas – Winter Candle – £25.95

Best Christmas Candles - Winter Candle from Red House Aromas

The design of the candle ticks all of the boxes for that extra sparkle, it has a silver metal coating around the candle, and when we lit it gave a gorgeous glow through the glass! Reminding us of a hot mulled cider, we felt it was so refreshing and enjoyable and loved how the aromas filled the room in no time and held its scent for ages. For us, it’s the perfect companion when relaxing down to reading your latest Christmas book.

Yankee Candle – Holiday Cheer – £22.49

Yankee Candle Christmas 2023 - Holiday Cheer

A lovely addition to any home this festive season. We really love Yankee Candle’s Christmas scents are Holiday Cheer did not disappoint. When lit, we could smell a sweet smell of vanilla which was balanced out with cardamom and it was not overpowering, ideal to light in any room.

Next Festive Spice Scented Christmas Candle – £16.00

Image credit: Next

The perfect way to hear the cracking of a fire with scents of mulled wine and Cinnamon. We really loved the festive design of the Festive Spice Scented Christmas Candle, it had lovely Christmas trees, and houses and the candle was white so it looked like snow. When lit, we could smell the mulled wine which just reminds us of a warming cup on a cold winter’s night, and really loved the cracking sound, it was just like having an open fire, just perfect!

Volcanic Potpourri With Winter Oil – £39.00

A clever, unique, and natural way to have your home smelling beautiful with Boostology’s Volcanic Potpourri Lava Rock Aromatherapy Diffuser. We really liked the design of the diffuser and loved the uniqueness of having Lava & Obsidian rocks and being able to add the scent of Winter Oil we added around 6 drops of the oil and the smell was just everything we would have wanted, it was warming, spiced and could really smell the clove and cinnamon, it was just Christmas in a diffuser. We also really liked that this is vegan-friendly and sustainable as this can be reused again and again.

Yankee Candle – Magical Bright Lights – £22.49

Yankee Candle Christmas 2023 - Magical Bright Lights

With its brand new Jar shape and stunning scent, this candle is vibrant and has a two wick making this the most modern Yankee Candle design. We really liked the way the candle twinkled especially with the nights getting darker and could smell jasmine, mint, and vanilla when lit to give a fresh fragrance. This would be perfect to light on those cold winter nights.

Creating a festive atmosphere with candles that not only have a long-lasting fragrance but envokes memories of Christmas’s past is one way to kick start the holidays!

The ideal stocking stuffer and gift for candle lovers!