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Brian May To Host Candlelit Christmas Tour

Brian May (or shall we say ‘Dr Brian May’ now!) is not normally known for performing low key candlelit shows. However, it seems that he is set to wind down with the launch a Candlelit Christmas tour with Kerry Ellis.

Dr Brian May is set to join forces with Kerry Ellis to take the UK by storm with their candlelit Christmas concerts.  Kicking things off in Dorking December 7th 2016, the tour will consist of 11 dates.

The two have been working on album ‘Anthems II’ for a year and concert goers can expect to hear a selection of songs from it. The show will also include some songs from Queen, some of their favourite songs of all time and even some songs dedicated to the awareness of wild animals.

Talking of the tour, Kerry said:

“Our show is definitely an experience; we like to move people, give them new experiences and take them on our personal journey, and we have a lot of fun. Brian always comes up with great stories to explain our choice of songs, and among them a lot of hidden gems that people have never heard before. We like to think it’s a very unique and special evening.”

Adding to this, Brian said:

“Our show is largely acoustic and usually performed by candlelight. It’s very loose and interactive. In contrast to the bombast of a Queen show, our relationship with the audience is very informal – truly live and spontaneous. This is now my favourite way of performing – it’s a lot of fun and anything can happen. It takes some courage, but we believe our audience loves the fact that we take the risk to run the show completely ‘wild’. No clicks, no loops, no clutter. It’s fundamentally just a voice and a guitar.”

For tickets and more information, go to http://www.ticketmaster.co.uk/presale/xu1e14

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