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British Airways Launch ‘No Place Like Home’ Online Christmas Advert

British Airways has released the first online Christmas advert of 2015 where it encourages Brits living in North America to come home for Christmas as part of its ‘no place like home’ campaign.

Watch the Christmas Advert from BA below:

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Do you love having A Great British Christmas? British Airways certainly do! and they want Brits who are living and working in North America to come back home to experience the joys of a traditional British Xmas.

The online ad opens with a busy town centre packed full of stalls and children playing on a carousel, as the narrator states there is ‘no place like home’ the scenes move to pictures of homemade mince pies, a Christmas marathon and a bunch of jumping Santa’s, yes jumping Santa’s!

Moving on through the 58 second advert statements such as Christmas begins in September and images of Christmas markets all aim to make the viewer feel nostalgic. From over the top outdoor decorations to mentions of left over sprouts, BA really want you to see what you’re missing back home.

As the end of the advert approaches the “storyteller” reminds us that Christmas is a chance to be with your nearest and dearest…and your family! (this made us giggle) it shows shops busier than ever on Boxing Day and of course in true UK fashion when snow arrives, we see what most obscure household item we can sit in as a make-shift sledge!

Ending with the British Bulldog dressed in festive antlers, BA want you to choose them as the place to go to for flights back home this festive season.

Are you planning on a Great British Christmas? Let us know in the comments!

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