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Brussels Sprouts – not just for Christmas

According to the latest sales figures from Waitrose & Partners it would appear that Brussels sprouts are not just for Christmas in the UK and with sales up by 30% they’re  set to be an all-year-round kitchen staple.

Joy to the sprouts!

Waitrose trimmed baby sprouts cost £1.10/100g and Kalettes £1.50/160g.
Image credit: Aldi

According to the supermarket, both baby sprouts and Kalettes (which taste like Kale and are known as flowering sprouts) have a milder flavour than the regular Brussels sprout.  Many UK shoppers (38%) are now experimenting with their sprout recipes and it would appear that across the UK, sprouts aren’t just for Christmas.

Waitrose & Partners vegetable buyer, Paul Bidwell said: “For the very best flavour and texture my main tip is to simply immerse them in boiling salted water for 3-4 minutes and serve al dente, seasoned and with a knob of butter.

A collection of Brussels Sprouts
Image credit: Pixabay

If you’re searching for something a little different that includes sprouts take a look at Waitrose & Partners sprout mac & cheese recipe which has a five-star rating.

What’s not to like about the humble sprout?  They taste great, they’re prepared in minutes and they’re great value for money, plus if you choose Kalettes you’ll get twice as much vitamin C as you would from a Brussels sprout.

Sprouts, not just for the festive season – we don’t know if that’s a threat or not!

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