Buy Money, Save Money For Your Winter Holiday

Recent studies have found that by buying your holiday money (Euros, Dollars etc) in advance of going abroad, you can save a significant amount of money, in comparison to exchanging it at the airport.

Ok, so we’re as guilty as the next person of running around packing our cases and worrying about what we’re going to wear rather than thinking about our currency exchange.  According to recent research,  you could be loosing as much as 51.70 for every £500 they spend on Euro’s just because we leave it until the last minute.

If we order our currency in advance, we can save quite a lot of money, however places such as Airports and exchange bureau’s when abroad are expensive and will cost you money to spend your money.

With that said, exchanging your money to take cash with you can be a risk and make you vulnerable for thefts, especially in area’s that you’re unfamiliar with.  Many people advise that you carry some cash but place the majority of your spending money onto a credit card, such as Mastercard as an example, as this is accepted at most outlets across the globe.

Whether you decide to place your money onto a card or take cash is completely your decision, but do yourselves a favour and exchange your money in advance if you can, it may just buy you a few more outfits to take on your winter holiday!

Do you wait until the last minute before exchanging your money? Comment below and let us know.

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