Cadburys Statement Regarding Tin Sizes

Cadburys Roses TinWe recently heard that the tins by Cadburys were going to be reduce in size. Cadbury Heroes will drop from 780g to 695g and Cadbury’s Roses are set to drop from 780g to 730g by Christmas.

This is the second time that Mondelez, a US company who operates Cadbury has announced that the tins will be reduced in size but will still remain the same price.

UnderTheChristmasTree contacted Cadburys for a statement on this and Cadbury’s states:

“A range of economic factors across the board has meant we’ve had to reduce the size of our tubs. By doing this we have been able to hold the product at the same price which we believe still offers an affordable gift for friends and family this Christmas.”

Although there will be a reduced amount of chocolates in the tins there will be the introduction on a Whispa into the Heroes tin and and Almond Caramel into the Roses tin.

What do you think about Cadburys reducing the tin size again? Comment below and let us know.

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