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Check Out The 12 ‘Myths’ of Christmas That You Though Were True

You may think Christmas lists are just for kids however new research from Omnicom media agency’s latest Future of Britain survey, called Future of Christmas, found that us oldies love to make a list and like to shop both in-store and online!

Omnicom are on a festive mission – to expose the 12 ‘myths’ of Christmas, so if you thought men were always last to get started shopping and groceries consumers are more brand loyal then think again as the latest findings tell a whole different story.

Below are the results of a 4,000 people survey on the 12 Myths of Christmas:

Myth 1: Christmas shopping gets later every year, when in fact Omnicom found that 3 in 5 Brits start their Xmas gift shopping before the end of October and buying for kids was first.

Myth 2: Black Friday is a new staple for Christmas gifting, however only one in five actually bought presents for the festive season.

Myth 3: Men are always last to market, but guess what?! by the beginning of November 43% of men had already bought one or more gifts for their partner, compared to 30% of women.

Myth 4: The High Street is dead. It’s all about online retailers at Christmas, the answer to this myth is no as 80% of the Brits reporting buying their Christmas gifts both in store and online.

Myth 5: Millennials do everything online, including Christmas shopping, when in fact over half of 18-24s love heading out and shopping with friends.

Myth 6: Christmas is fun for all the family – however the Future of Families study, found that ‘family isn’t defined by blood; but by relationships’ and 65% spent the day with friends instead of family.

Myth 7: Excitement from Christmas builds as it draws closer but what a surprise when we found out that November actually marks the peak of our Christmas love in Britain.

Myth 8: Consumers upgrade their groceries at Christmas. Now we all love our food over the Xmas period and the latest findings confirm this, it also found that us Brits love a good bargain and increase how many supermarkets we go to over December.

Myth 9: Post recession, we buy fewer gifts for fewer people – wrong! overall gift purchase penetration has increased year-on-year from 93.3% in 2013 to 95.1% 2014 and more of us are buying for more friends and family member than ever before.

Myth 10: Christmas is all about the right product at the right time? According to OMD UK this goes out of the window as Christmas gets closer with most Brits ignoring price and budget.

Myth 11: Christmas lists are only for kids – we’re so glad this is not true as many of us here still do. According to the report 61% of UK shoppers reporting to have searched for gift ideas/lists on Amazon last Christmas.

Myth 12: You’re either an online-er or an offline-er, right? Wrong!! a massive 80% of us will be using both online and offline for our Christmas shopping.

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