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Christmas 2016: How many sleeps?!

When it comes to Christmas, there are really only two schools of thought. On the one hand, there are the ‘planners’, the people who revel in getting things organised, wrap presents in September and generally irritate everyone with their efficiency. On the other hand, we have the ‘coasters’, those of us who float through the year and well into December before panic buying an eclectic array of junk on Christmas Eve. Annoyingly, planning really is the key to enjoying the big day, particularly if you have, unwittingly found yourself in charge of ‘doing’ Christmas and you don’t want the kids crying that Santa forgot their selection boxes.


For some, May might seem a little early to begin contemplating the festive period. But if you cast your mind back to last Christmas, which felt like 5 minutes ago, you can comprehend just how quickly those months will pass. With so many things to do, starting early can make all the difference; you too can be that smug person who declares on December 1st that all their presents are wrapped and under the tree!

Absolutely key to planning a smooth running festive period are lists. Head over to Pinterest for an abundance of creative Christmas tips and ideas. Before you get to the fluffy stuff though, have a clear idea of what sort of Christmas you’re going for. If it’s going to be a big family affair, quickly establish how many guests you’ll be catering for and how long they’re staying. Along with the more obvious Christmas trappings such as the food and the presents, don’t neglect the comfort of your guests, particularly if they will be residing overnight. You really don’t want them to come down in the morning looking like the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come.  If you want to be hostess with the mostess, try accommodating your family or friends with these fantastic, extending guest beds from Bedstar.


Once you know how many Christmas guests you’re having and where you’re going to put them, then you can turn your attention to presents. This is where a list is an absolute must! It helps plan where you have to go (unless available online) and assists in budgeting according to both finances and family hierarchy/politics. Where possible, make your life easier by buying similar gifts for people with similar ages or interests, particularly children. To avoid the hell on earth that is last minute wrapping, wrap your presents as you go.


Christmas dinner is undeniably the family feast of the year. Although most of us plump for the traditional roast turkey, the choices don’t end there. Oh no. There is a wealth of ways to prepare and cook your bird and then there’s the issue of starters, sides and dessert. And because we’ve all been brought up with differing family quirks or traditions, everyone has a point of view when it comes to Christmas dinner. Yes, you might not dream of eating brussel sprouts the rest of the year but, by golly, you can bet someone will moan if they’re left off the Christmas spread. Plan your menus well ahead by researching recipe ideas and make sure you discuss any ‘must-haves’ with your guests.

Most importantly, don’t get too stressed by the small stuff. Enjoy the festivities and remember ‘tis the season to be jolly!

Why not share your tips on keeping guest happy over the festive period below!

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