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Christmas Blues? Here’s Ten Things to Look Forward To!

Christmas is well and truly over! Whilst many less festive souls will simply shrug and get on with their lives, there are a huge population of people (ourselves included) that will truly bemoan this despicable time of year, thinking feverishly- “What do we do now!?”. To help, here are some ideas to help you escape those post-Christmas blues.

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More Sunshine!

The winter solstice is long behind us, and already the days are getting longer, warmer and less bleak. One of the most depressing things pre-Christmas is leaving for and from work and it being pitch black outside- not anymore!

Cheltenham 2015

If getting dressed up, having a few drinks and enjoying some exciting sport action are things you enjoy, then the Cheltenham Festival 2015 should be right up your alley! Four days of horse racing, shown in a manner which is great even for horse racing rookies, the Cheltenham Festival has it all!


If you laid out all of the food you ate over the Christmas break on a large table…actually, let’s just not think about that image and instead dwell mainly on the fact that the new year will be marked by a distinct lack of unhealthy fayre. New year’s resolutions aside, a little exercise and healthy eating will really help boost your flagging serotonin levels!


Heading to music festivals is a hallmark of the spring and summer months, and seeing a few favourite bands and having a few drinks will definitely bring back the merriment of the yuletide season. Early 2015 festivals include the White Cliffs Ska Reggae Festival in February, Seasside Rock in March and GeckGo in April.

Valentines Day

Though perhaps not a great event for singletons, couples everywhere should relish the upcoming festival of love with open arms as wine, dinner and candlelight do their best to alleviate the post-Christmas blues.

Make a Change

Christmas is a time when we put life and work to the wayside and focus on having fun, but issues concerning these two things can be easily met head on in the new years’ light of day. A change of career, educational enrolment; all kinds of change are now possible.


Although January might not be the best time to jet off on holiday, recuperated February finances are there waiting to be spent on an escape to the sun. Spain, the south of France and Grecian island havens are all waiting for you, and will make for great respite from the winter weather.


2015’s fashion trends are already making themselves known, and for those suffering under the yoke of makeup, this year is going to be great. Winter catwalks were awash with makeup-less models, signalling a more natural trend in the fashion world that we can all applaud.


There are a host of amazing scientific moments set to take place in 2015 that will delight amateur scientists among us; the New Horizons spacecraft making a flyby of Pluto, the resuming of the Large Hadron Collider in Geveva- this year could be a big one for the science world.


Whilst Seth Rogen’s The Interview may or may not make an appearance in theatres this year, there’s plenty more movies to look forward to including James Franco’s I Am Michael, Mad Max: Fury Road and the seventh Star Wars film!

What are you doing to beat the Christmas blues? Comment below and let us know.

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