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Christmas Comes early In Asda!

Asda has gone above and beyond for celebrating Christmas in July after Santa Claus himself is seen making an appearance in its Manchester store.

With less than 21 weeks to go until Christmas, it would seem that we are not the only ones to be getting into the festive season.

Shoppers were shocked (and delighted) to see the main man himself – Santa Claus – make an appearance. Santa was seen helping customers with their shopping and informing of the new Christmas savings Card Asda has to offer.

Shopper, Tracey, couldn’t believe her eyes upon seeing the merry man and said:

“I was dumbstruck when I saw him and it seemed like everyone else was too. People were doing double takes.  The store was very busy at the time and there were lots of children around, they all seemed very confused.  Even a member of staff at the store said they were nonplussed as to what he was doing there. They said to me ‘you’ll be amazed by what you see in Asda’.”

Did you stop by Asda to see Santa in Manchester?  Let us know below.

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