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Christmas Cracker Jokes

There’s no doubting it Christmas Cracker Jokes are some the cheesiest jokes you will come across, however with this being said it is a British tradition to pull a cracker, read the joke and laugh out loud at how bad or good these jokes are.

A set of Christmas crackers
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We here at UndertheChristmasTree are no different when it comes to a good old gag at Christmas…we just love them, so when we asked for your best and worst Christmas Cracker Jokes we knew it would lead to a whole lot of head shaking, cringe expressions and of course a little bit of secret laughter!

Best and Worst Christmas Cracker Jokes
Below is a list of your best and worst (if you can tell the difference) jokes for Christmas. These are in no particular order. We’ll kick start it off.

  • Why was Santa’s little helper feeling depressed? He had low elf-esteem.UnderTheChristmasTree team
  • “Father Christmas said, doctor, I feel so unfit, – the doctor replied, you need to go to an elf farm” – Thanks @tcameron983
  • “Why are Christmas Trees like bad knitters? They keep loosing their needles!” – Thanks @gossip180
  • How many chimneys does Santa go down? Stacks! – Thanks @newtoysforkids
  • What’s green, red and blue and sounds like a carrot? A parrot – Thanks @neilgibson2010
  • Why can’t a bike stand up by itself? Because it’s two-tired – Thanks @WendyJeanJones
  • What does the word minimum mean? A very small mother – Thanks @itspink

Christmas wouldn’t be the same without some bad jokes, so why not make your own crackers and print off these jokes to put inside.

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