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You can now buy Christmas Pudding parfume

Always wanted to smell like your favourite part of Christmas dinner? well hold onto your festive reins as PerfumeDirect launch exclusive festive foodie fragrances.

Who wouldn’t want to smell of Stilton?

PerfumeDirect set of 3 christmas fragrances
Image credit: PerfumeDirect

Scent of Stilton, Eau de Christmas Pudding and Pigs in Blanket Parfum are now a thing and we sort of want to buy it for the Grinchest person around.

The three limited edition parfumes has been created and sold EXCLUSIVELY at online fragrance store PerfumeDirect.com, priced £59 for the three-piece set.

If Stilton is your thing then you’ll love notes of buttermilk, cheese and phenols – an ode to the iconic British stinky cheese!

Scent of Stilton
Image credit: PerfumeDirect

With notes of berries, citrus, almond and apple, complimented by vanilla, clove and cognac it’s no wonder why Eau de Christmas Pudding is set to be the most popular of the three.

Eau de Christmas Pudding
Image credit: PerfumeDirect

Pigs in blankets, yeah we’re not too sure either, has notes of notes of bacon, sausage, smoked spice and clove.

Pigs in Blankets
Image credit: PerfumeDirect

Available to order now for £59 for the three parfumes these would make a very unique secret Santa gift.

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