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Christmas Day No.1 Singles of the Nineties

In the UK, the Christmas number one is the single that is top of the charts in the week in which Christmas Day falls. 

Novelty songs, charity songs and songs with a Christmas theme have regularly been at the top of Christmas charts.

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We take a nostalgic look back at what was  ‘Top of the Pops’ during the nineties.

In 1990 Cliff Richard was the Christmas number 1 with Saviours’ Day.  This was the second time that Cliff had a Christmas number 1 hit.   Saviours Day was later voted into both the best and most annoying Christmas songs lists.

Who could forget Freddie Mercury singing Bohemian Rhapsody? Queen topped the charts with this cutting edge single during the 70’s but following the death of front man Freddie Mercury it became a No.1 hit a second time in 1991 when it became the Christmas number one.

If you, like the girls from underthechristmastree loved the Kevin Costner/Whitney Houston film ‘The Bodyguard‘ then it will come as no surprise that in 1992 we warbled along as Whitney Houston topped the Christmas charts with the iconic ‘I Will Always Love You’.

Something plastic and fantastic raced to the No.1 slot in 1993.  The big pink blob, covered in yellow spots began ‘life’ as a segment on Noel Edmund’s House Party’ and became so popular that he eventually had his own song.  Mr Blobby the only non-human to ever make Christmas No.1 with ‘Mr Blobby’.

With the number of ‘boy bands’ around it was inevitable that at least one of them would grab a Christmas hit. 1994 saw us sway along with East 17 (wearing very fetching winter outfits) as they sang their Christmas hit ‘Stay Another Day‘ on a snow filled set.

Aaaaaaaaah, Oooooooooh,Aaaaaaaaah, Oooooooooh – from these lyrics can you guess what 1995‘s Christmas number one was? How could it be anyone else but music legend Michael Jackson with his amazing Earth Song. OK, so who’s still singing it in their head? Me too!

What ‘girl band’ were so popular in the nineties that for three years running they had the Christmas No.1 single? If you need a clue they all had strange nicknames – how Posh was that? Yep, you guessed it, it was of course the Spice Girls who in 1996 had their first Christmas No.1 with (2 Become 1), followed in 1997 Too Much (were they trying to tell us something?) topped the Christmas charts. They completed their hat-trick of Christmas No.1’s in 1998 said ‘Goodbye’ to the music industry to follow solo projects only to reunite in 2000.

As the nineties drew to a close and we all got ready to welcome in the new millennium, Irish boyband, Westlife took the top slot on Christmas Day 1999 with their Abba cover version of ‘I Have A Dream’ which is a double A side with ‘Seasons in the Sun’ – we wondered – was this the first time they stood up from their stools for the chorus? So successful was this hit that it took us into the new year and spent 17 weeks in the UK charts.

Is your all time favourite Christmas hit among those we mentioned above? What nineties songs gets you singing along?

Get in touch below and share your favourite hits with us and other as part of our ByGone Christmases.

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