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Christmas Gift Guide: Hersey & Son Birthstone Silver Bracelet

Treat yourself or a loved one to a stunning Birthstone Silver Bracelet from London Slversmiths – Hersey and Son.

UnderTheChristmasTree was sent this for review, below are our thoughts on the piece.

Hersey & Son's Birthstone Silver Bracelet
Image credit: Hersey & Son

Hersey & Son Silversmiths creates stunning handmade sterling silver table ware, bar ware, mens and women’s jewellery and much more for that special occasion. Mandy had the lucky chance to review one of its gorgeous birthstone bracelets:

“When purchasing jewellery at Christmas for a loved one is very thoughtful and to be honest pretty difficult to do! You start to question do they like fine pieces? or something far more glitz and glam? so when Hersey and Son sent us its Birthstone Silver Bracelet I couldn’t wait to wear.

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Arriving inside its gorgeous deep grey box, the Silver bracelet was placed safely secured and covered with a delicate piece of tissue paper, a lovely touch before even seeing the actual product.

Birthstone Silver Bracelet

I choose the December Tanzanite Birthstone Silver Bracelet with it being Christmas and all and loved the colour and delicacy of the piece. With a stunning silver adjustable chain it was easy wear on my wrist and felt super secure and never moved – fabulous with all the dancing at Christmas parties!

The stone has a deep lilac-blue colour and stood out against my black outfit, however you could really wear any outfit and this would still look gorgeous. I was surprised that these only retail at just £45 as it really did look as though it would have cost around the £100 mark, which I’ve paid before for something similar.

Hersey & Son Birthstone Silver Bracelet

I genuinely do love the fact that each bracelet if tailored to your Birthstone, and I think as gift giving this certainly would have a more personal meaning to the recipient.

If like me your jewellery collection accumulates from year to year, finding key pieces which will last a life time and not just a weekend is a must, and I can safely say this will now be top of my pile.”

You can buy Hersey & Son’s Birthstone Silver Bracelet for £45.00 here.

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