Christmas Gift Idea: Experiment And Learn With Paul Lamonds Dr.Eureka

Dr Eureka by Paul Lamond is the fun scientific game that all of our little professors will be dreaming of this Christmas.

dr-eureka-300-x-300 We all know that children enjoy mixing and experimenting. Now, they can do so safely (and much less messily!) as the brilliant Dr Eureka has important experiments for you to complete.

The game is suitable for ages 6+ and for 2-4 players. You must solve his scientific formula’s by moving your materials from tube to tube without touching them with your bare hands! If you solve the solutions faster than the other players then you will prove that you are the smartest scientist in the lab!

The game includes:

  • 54 Challenge Cards
  • 24 Balls (8 x Red, 8 x Green, 8 x Purple)
  • 12 Test Tubes
  • Illustrated Rules

We sent Mandy and Elaine from the UTCT team off to test this out. We should first point out that for the next 30 minutes we heard a lot of laughing.

Elaine won the game apparently, but according to Mandy, Elaine touched one of the ball’s and so she was not the true winner.


Elaine said of the game:

“The game might be for ages 6+, but it’s actually a work of art making sure you don’t touch the materials as you pass them between the test tubes. I won the game after hearing Mandy complaining that I apparently ‘cheated’ (sour grapes!) for almost 15 minutes. It was highly entertaining and is obvious that the more players to play the harder it gets. This will definitely be a big hit this Christmas”.

Moving on to Mandy…

“Aside from the fact that Elaine cheated, (there’s always one who can’t play fair!) the game was highly entertaining and had the two of us laughing solidly for half an hour. We both struggled to get the balls into the test tubes without dropping or touching them. The game will definitely be popular amongst children this Christmas”.

Our team loved playing Dr Eureka! For more information and to buy this game, click here to buy this game from AmazonUK

What do you think of Dr Eureka by Paul Lamond? Would you buy this game for Christmas? Comment below and let us know or share on social media.

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