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Christmas Gift Idea: OneForAll HP 1020 Wireless Headphones

Have you ever been told to turn down the voume on your TV or go and watch your program in another room because of the noise of the TV? Well OneForAll’s Wireless Headphones HP 1020 will solve your problem! We were kindly sent these to review and put these to the test to see how good these headphones really are:

When we first seen the headphones we couldn’t help but notice how stylish they looked and how light they were to hold. To set-up these headphones we followed the included instructions. We placed 2 AAA batteries in the headphones and then plugged the stand into the wall. Then we attached the cable in to back of the DC5V and then switched the switch at the back to the 1 switch.

Pressing the Power button on the headphones, this picked up signal from our Smart TV. Holly from our team placed these on and told us that they were very comfortable to wear and the head band was comfortable as well!
Putting on our favourite movie (The Santa Clause) Holly watched the movie using the headphones. Adjusted the volume on the headphones to suit was easy as Holly simply pressed the volume button on the headphones and adjusted it up and down to suite. She said she could hear the film completely clear.

Holly tried different areas of the room as the OneForAll HP 1020 Headphones up to 100 metres away as these are wireless and she told us that it was as if the HP 1020 headphones were plugged straight into the TV it was that clear. When she was finished with the headphones Holly turned them off and stored them away.

Overall Holly thought the headphones were easy to setup, ideal for using about the house and was clear in the sound!

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