Christmas Gift Idea: Paul Lamond’s Dalmatian Dominoes Board Game

Dominoes is the family favourite game that everyone likes to get involved with. Now, Paul Lamond have released a child friendly version called Dalmatian Dominoes.

Paul Lamond’s Dalmation Dominoes

To play the game, players age 3+ must place the 28 Dalmatian shaped domino pieces on the table before mixing them up. If there are two players, each player must take 7 dominoes (or if there are 4 players, each must take five) before placing the remaining dominoes in a pile which players will draw from.

The player who draws the domino with the highest number starts the game and play will continue clockwise.

Playing the game is pretty straightforward and very similar to regular Dominoes. The first player lays one domino on the table. The next player must add another domino to either end of the domino played, by matching its number. If the player does not have a domino that matches, he/she draws a domino from the draw pile. However, this domino cannot be used on this turn. It is then the next player’s turn. Play continues, with players laying down matching dominoes or drawing them. When the draw pile is gone, players continue to take turns, trying to get rid of all their dominoes.

Winning is quite simply the player who has used all of their Dominoes.

Christmas Gift Idea: Paul Lamond’s Dalmatian Dominoes Board Game

We thought asking two of our team to play this game might not be the best way to showcase the game, however as it turns out, Katy and John from the team played the board game and after roughly 20 minutes of giggling and referring to the rules on several occasions, the two resurfaced to tell us that the game is actually pretty entertaining, even for adults!

Katy said: “I half expected to play this for five minutes because it’s so simple (it’s designed for ages 3+). In actual fact, John and I played this for around 20-30 minutes and were pretty entertained. The game will be both entertaining and educational for children. It will encourage children to play with numbers, social interaction and how to follow rules. It’s on my list to get for my little cousins this Christmas!”

As Katy mentioned, the game is entertaining, but educational at the same time. Dalmatian Dominoes will encourage children to work with numbers, engage socially and will show them discipline by teaching them how to follow rules and has a very cool design.

We reckon that this will find it’s way under many Christmas tree’s this Xmas 2016! You can buy Dalmation Dominoes  for £15 HERE from Amazon UK

For more information please visit: Paul Lamond

Do your family like to play a board game at Christmas?  Share your thoughts below!

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