Christmas Gift Review 2018: AirCharge Executive Wireless Charger

2018 has definitely proven one thing – our busy lifestyles aren’t slowing down anytime soon, which is why gadgets like the AirCharge Executive Wireless Charger is set to be the most handy device. We were kindly sent this to review, here’s our thoughts.

As we all spend our busy lives rushing through each day, the last thing we need to be worrying about is the never ending search for phone charging cables (that invariably have too short a cable!) when you’re in a hurry. Now, thanks to AirCharge, you can simply place your phone on top of the dock and share your device.

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We asked John, arguably the most ‘busy’ of all of us here at UTCT HQ, to test out the AirCharge Executive Wireless Charger.

John said;- “Being the boss at UTCT (I can hear everyone else groan at that!) I do have my hands full and often find myself short of charge in my phone with very little time to run around looking for a charging cable, so hearing about how convenient the AirCharge Executive Wireless Charger is was right up my street.

Aircharge Executive Charger
Image credit: AirCharge

My first thoughts of this is that it’s incredibly sleek. It’s quite heavy for a charger as it’s crafted from premium aluminium (it weighs 220g) but it’s design is no bigger than a tea coaster. It quite literally sits in the palm of my hand when held and has a sleek design which would fit in perfectly with my home decor.

To use this I simply plugged it in to a mains supply (can also be plugged into a USB slot) to charge up the wireless charger and downloaded the app which only took around a minute or so Then I placed this on my desk, there were no cables, and then quite literally placed my phone on top of the device to see that it was already charging. The great thing about this is that if my phone rings (which it does quite often) all I need to do is pick it up to answer and return it when I’m finished. No more struggling to disconnect the cable or staying near a plug!

I’m very impressed with this and can already see myself getting a few for around the offices (and home!).”

For more information on the AirCharge Executive Wireless Charger and to buy, visit the AirCharge website.

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