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Christmas Gift Review 2018: Blue Microphones Yeti USB Blackout Microphone

Looking for a gift for a gamer or starting up a podcast? Meet your new best friend, Yeti Blackout microphone. We were kindly sent this to review, here’s our thoughts on this microphone.

Image of Yeti Blackout USB Microphone

Katy from our team loves to try out different gadgets and was really keen to give the Yeti USB Blackout microphone a go. Katy said “I’m a big fan of gadgets and love to try out the latest products, so I was really keen to give the Blue Microphone Yeti USB Blackout a try. On opening the box the instructions were in full view with the microphone slotted underneath which has a black matte finish and looks very professional.

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Lifting out of the packaging the microphone itself felt fairly heavy and sturdy, perfect as I didn’t want it sliding around on the table when using.  Attaching to my computer couldn’t have been easier as there was only one cable, it really was plug and play!

Next the dreaded set-up which I expected to be over complicated with way to many features to understand however it was pretty straight forward. Following the instructions I set the Yeti Stereo Microphone playback and recording to default and I was ready to go.

yeti blackout usb stereo microphone
Image credit: Blue Microphone

Next up I got the instructions and read all of the functions of the mic, it was pretty straight forward, there was the mute button, volume up/down, set screws so that I could angle the microphone any way I wanted, headphone output multiple pattern selection which allowed me to select which of the four pattern settings I wanted, triple capsule and there was the Blue logo which indicated the front of the microphone.

There are four different modes, Stereo, Cardioid, Omnidirectional and Bidirectional to choose from, a mute button, volume up/down button and even screws so you can angle the microphone anyway you want plus with Tri-capsule array you are able to record almost any situation.

First I gave Stereo a go which worked at it’s best for singing and mixing, next up was the Cardioid mode, this was the one I used the most as it was great for recording a podcast and adding in a voice over, on playback I found Cardioid captured everything I was saying clearly.

Image of Yeti Blackout Volume

Omnidirectional was a good option when I wanted to pick up sounds from any direction, for example – if I was recording with someone else opposite me, it picked up their voice and mine equally which was fantastic! Last up was Bidirectional, this setting was great when again I had someone sitting opposite me and not to the side of me as it clearly picked up my voice and the person opposite me and nothing else. This I found ideal for musical instruments and would be good for interviews and gave a really natural sound.

On playback the Yeti Blackout microphone had picked up my voice clearly and crisp with no background noise. When trying the other functions and modes the microphones easily picked up on the person I was recording with and the mute button was a brilliant addition as I could mute if the phone went or someone came into the room.

It’s rare to find such a powerful microphone for a reasonable amount of money which is hassle-free, convenient and jam packed full of features which is why I personally loved the Yeti Blackout.  I will be using this for any videos, podcasts and can’t wait to try it out for gaming and see what it’s like!”

Watch Katy as she reviews the Yeti USB Blackout microphone on our official YouTube channel.

Yeti Blackout USB microphone is available to buy online from Amazon UK

This will certainly be on our list to Santa!

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