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Christmas Gift Review 2018: Crock-Pot Express Multi-Cooker

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year but it can also be a little stressful too. The new Crock-Pot Express Multi-Cooker is here to help take the stress out of cooking at Christmas. We were kindly sent this to review. Here’s our thoughts.

Image of Crockpot express

When the new Crock-Pot arrived in the office, John from our team was keen to put it through it’s paces. John said:

“Upon lifting the multi-cooker out of the box I can safely say it’s not too heavy and comes already assembled, all I had to do was attach the plug, place the unit into the heating base and it was basically ready to go. I hate it when something arrives and there’s a hundred different assembly points I have to go through before I can use it, so this was a big positive for me.

Image of Crockpot settins

I looked at the included instructions which tells you how to use each function but on the front of the Crock-Pot there is everything you need to know, so for example if you are cooking a chicken you simply press the ‘Poultry’ setting on the Crock-Pot and you add in your flavours etc – add in the chicken breast, put on the lid and it will cook for 30 minutes, allow to stand for 10 minutes before you remove it and that’s it! So I looked through the rest of the settings, I could steam veg or rice, make some festive yogurt, soups, meat/stew, desserts and even saute food.

Image of Crockpot off

I decided to try making some mulled wine which was simple to do. I added in my mulled wine, a few cloves and cinnamon sticks before placing it on a low temperature for around 2 hours. Before I knew it I had hot, tasty mulled wine. I felt this was great because I could serve this up for a party or on Christmas day with very little effort. I could even make this in the morning and have it set on the ‘Keep Warm’ setting which made sure my drink stayed nice and warm until I was ready to serve it.

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Adjusting the temperature and pressure was as simple as pressing a button and moving up or down until I got the right settings and with the included recipe book, I could easily make healthy, tasty meals when I’m really busy or when I’ve got my family and friends round!

Overall I thought the Crock-Pot Express Multi-Cooker made cooking so much easier and I could have any type of meal I wanted, especially when I was busy, ready at literally the touch of a button.”

Watch our full video review of the Crock Pot Express Multi Cooker here:

Crock-Pot Express Multi-Cooker costs around £89.99 and can be bought online from Amazon and more information can be found at Crockpot.co.uk.

We can’t wait to try some more festive recipes!

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