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Christmas Gift Review 2018: Silverlit Robo Chameleon

Your little one can now have their very own lizard to look after, well, sort of, as Silverlit brings us Robo Chameleon this Christmas. Here we put this robotic toy through its paces to see if he’s anything like the real thing which we were kindly sent to review.

We were delighted when Silverlit sent us over their battery operated Robo Chameleon which is suitable for children age 3. According to the box it can move, snaffle up bugs with its long green tongue and even change colours, exactly like a real Chameleon all by using the easy remote control.

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BUY NOW: Amazon £24.99, eBay £32.42

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Although slightly older than 3, (multiply that by 10!) Holly from our team was desperate to get her hands on this toy and put it through its paces. Here’s what she had to say:

“I love this little guy and it’s no surprise that little kids (and adults) are going to have loads of fun with this colour changing, easy to use toy that catches bugs with its tongue. Once all packaging was removed (parents will need to help with this as he’s very tightly secured) popped in the required 4 x AA + 2 x AAA (please note – batteries are not included), it was time to get going.

Robo Chameleon LED lights

Best used under adult supervision this award winning Chameleon (RRP: £39.99) rolls his realistic eyes and wags his tail as he wiggles along. I had great fun making him move around in all directions using the round remote control and changing the colours on his LED body created loads of wows.

However, fun though that was, the best was yet to come and at the press of the Snack button his long tongue shoots out, creating loads of giggles and then catches the magnetic disc ‘bugs’ and stores them in his mouth. The remote control character has a 3 step challenge to collect his food, move, aim and shoot its tongue out and snap up the bugs, making it perfect introduction into the robotics world.

Robo Chameleon

My final thoughts overall was Silverlit’s Robo Chameleon was designed well and was surprisingly bigger than I expected and as a major plus worked very well on our carpet. With big googly eyes, LED body and long tongue I’m sure kids (and adults) of all ages are going to love him, I certainly did!

Robo Chameleon is available to buy for £39.99 at UK retailers including Argos and Amazon.

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