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Christmas Gift Review 2018: SodaStream Spirit One Touch Soda Maker

SodaStream’s new Spirit One Touch soda maker turns your boring old tap water into fizzy, sparkling water in just seconds. Here, Mandy tests and tries out the new innovative device which we were kindly sent to review.

Image of Sodastream One Touch system

I’ve been trying to cut back on the amount of fizzy juice I’ve been drinking so when SodaStream’s new Spirit One Touch arrived it came at the perfect time! Firstly the packaging is super sleek and if I received this as a gift I would be pretty impressed.

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On opening the box the device looks easy to set up and in terms of size this will easily slot onto my work top in the kitchen without taking up loads of space. Setting up was very self explanatory especially withe step by step picture guide included in the box, it took me around 10 minutes to do.

Image of Sodastream One Touch System Unboxed

After filling the bottle with tap water, popping into the back of the SodaStream Spirit, just make sure the bottle “clicks” into place or you could end up with more water on you than inside the bottle! I was ready to get going.
There are three soft buttons on the top of the SodaStream which allows you to choose how fizzy you want your water, I went with option 2 and my water tasted great. You can mix it up by adding in some cordial or if your hosting party why not add in some alcohol and make your own drinks.

What I loved most about the device was just how long the fizz lasted which I didn’t expect and the taste was fantastic. So far I’ve been filling and fizzing every few days, trying out different flavours and this novelty still hasn’t worn off. Also as I’m always looking at new ways to do my bit for the environment this has honestly helped reduce my use of plastic drastically. I can safely say I’ll be purchasing this for a gift this Christmas and will be using mine all of next year”

Image of Sodastream Unboxed

Sodastream Spirit One Touch Soda Maker is available for £129.99 and comes with Sparkling water maker, carbonating cylinder, 1L bottle, Free shipping and 2 year warranty.

*This product was kindly sent to us for review however ALL opinions are our own.

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