Christmas Gift Review 2018: T2 Five Remedy Ready Set

If you feel a little less chirpy after those heavy nights out or gorging on too many mince pies, then T2 Five Remedy Ready tea set should be your go to drink. Here we test it out to see if this herbal tea kit actually works which we were sent to review.

Image of T2 Tea Set

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The T2 Five Remedy Ready tea gift pack contains everything you need to beat the bloat, get some sleep and help get you back to feeling your very best. Costing £22.00 you can choose from 5 different herbal teas to sip on: Detox, Just Peppermint, Lemongrass & Ginger, Sleep Tight and Tummy Tea. Katy who is a tea-Jenny put the box to the test.

“Tis the season for tea! and I simply love herbal ones especially as most have calming, soothing, medicinal properties, perfect for the busy festive season so when T2 arrived I couldn’t wait to grab my cup and start pouring – any excuse for a tea break!

The packaging is splendid, arriving in a green box with brightly coloured words explaining exactly what was inside I was ready to get started. Checking out each of the 5 loose leaf teas I decided to try DETOX first, well I have been trying out the odd mince pie lately.

Image T2 What's Included

The orange box, which is clearly marked DETOX is bright, bold and very unique, on opening you can smell the spearmint, liquorice and juniper berries. Mixing up as per the instructions on the back, I mixed one teaspoonful with hot water and left it to stand for about 3-5 minutes – the aromas filled the office and nearly everyone asked what is was I was drinking – except John as he’s not so keen on the herbal teas.

The taste was immense however not over bearing – basically just the perfect balance. After an hour or two I could tell that I was feeling less bloated and I didn’t have the same heartburn as I did earlier that day. Moving on to T2’s Just Peppermint – my favourite! I could easily drink this all day everyday. It had a really refreshing taste and was even nice as it became cooler. I’m looking forward to drinking the Sleep Tight and I’ll certainly be holding onto Tummy Tea for after Christmas day’s dinner as this has been linked to a refreshing after eight.”

Image of T2 out of box

Overall this would make the ultimate gift for any tea fans or for those looking to try their hand at new herbal drinks. I’m certainly heading to buy this for a few family member and friends”

T2 Five Set Remedy Ready will cost £22 and is available from

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