Christmas Gift Review 2018: T3 Cura Hairdryer White

It’s winter, its cold, wet and it’s party season, so we want out hair looking its best, with the T3 Cura hairdryer you can get your hair looking it’s best in an instant. We were kindly sent this to review, here’s what Katy from our team said.

Image of T3 Cura hairdryer

“I’m always looking for a hairdryer that can dry my hair quickly and leave it in good condition so I was keen to try the new T3 hair dryer. When I first took the T3 Cura hairdryer out of the box I liked the non-slip grip the hairdryer had, I didn’t feel that it was going to slip out my hands when I was using it and it’s not too heavy to hold. When I looked at all of the features I could see that just above the on button, a speed control button which gave me the choice of two different speed settings, there was a button which allows me to adjust the temperature to a heat that suited me and there is a cool/frost button I could press at any point.

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Image of T3 Dryer

I turned on the dryer and the noise is not too loud and doesn’t have the high-pitched squeal that many other hair dryers have. I firstly tried the first speed setting on the lowest heat setting which was great as, if I wasn’t in a hurry, I could use this option and my hair would be dry fairly quickly. Next up I tried the second speed setting and the other two temperature settings which I absolutely loved!

Image of T3 hairdryer settings

My hair was dried so quickly and the heat was not too intense so I didn’t have to worry about this drying out my hair but if it did get a little hot I could adjust the temperature with just a press of the button or I could press the frost/cool setting. With this setting I simply had to press the button once and the cool/frost setting stayed on without having to the keep my finger pressed on the button all of the time, which I thought was a great feature.

There are also two included diffusers which really helped with any frizz and static plus it gave my hair a lot of volume. The one big plus for me is the cable, I can’t count the number of times I’ve bought a hairdryer  only to find that it has a short cable on it which is so frustrating, thankfully the T3 Cura Hairdryer has a long cable, so I can actually plug this in and stand anywhere I want to dry and style my hair.

Overall I absolutely loved the T3 Cura Hairdryer, it looks stylish with it’s white design and rose gold features and dried & styled my hair without leaving any frizz or static – my new go-to hairdryer and styler, brilliant!”

Finally, party ready hair without any frizz!

T3 Cura Hairdryer White can be bought online for £195 at the T3 website here.

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