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Christmas Gift Review 2018: Vorwerk Thermomix TM5

If you’re looking to save time cooking and baking in the kitchen over Christmas? Then we’ve got you covered with the Vorwerk Thermomix TM5, we were kindly sent this to review and here’s what we thought of this machine.

Image of safety instructions for Vorwerk Theromix MT5

When the Thermomix TM5 arrived in the office, everyone was super keen to review it. Mandy, was the lucky member of the team who got to put it through its paces.  Here’s what she had to say: “When the Thermomix first arrived it looked so impressive, already assembled and with the instructions and basic cook key I couldn’t wait to get started. I began by reading all of the instructions which showed all of the features this kitchen appliance could do. It could chop, blend, mix, dice, steam and heat, all at the touch of a button. Not only that but there are different attachments such as a steam basket, butterfly mixer, mixer to stir etc which allowed me try lots of different recipes. One thing I really loved about this is the fact that the plug is one meter long so it can plug in anywhere in the kitchen.

Image of basic recipes for Vorwerk Thermomix MT5

I was amazed at the power the 500 watt motor had and was really impressed with the way it handled the toughest tasks. Super versatile I could use it to cook almost every meal I make for the whole family. There are different speed settings for each recipe and as per the instructions I placed the basic recipes key into the socket at the side of the mixer which was magnetic so it went into place really easily. I decided that I would try two recipes, one chocolate chip cookies with a festive twist and a tasty hot chocolate to go with it.

Image of screen on Thermomix MT5

I turned on the Thermomix TM5 by pressing the silver button and I was instantly greeted with a reminder of all of the safety instructions which I read, once I had done this the main screen came on and it showed me the timer, temperature and the scales for weighing out ingredients but as I had attached the basic recipes button I didn’t need this feature as all of this was pre-set in the recipe.

Image of Thermomix being used

Then I pressed the menu button on the machine and it brought up recipes A-Z and scrolled down until I had found chocolate cookies. I pressed the start button and I was shown how long it would take and how easy the recipe was to follow, I then pressed start and I was shown all of the ingredients that I would need to make the cookies. As I pressed next I was promoted as each stage to add in the ingredients and on the screen staring with chocolate, it showed my how much I had added all I needed for chocolate pressed next where the screen showed me which speed setting to put this too which was speed setting 6. I turned the silver button until it said 6 and it began chopping the chocolate for around 3 seconds.

Image of cookie dough from Thermomix

I continued pressing next and followed the recipe on the screen to make my cookie dough. Once I had added in all of the ingredients I pressed finished and then turned the setting to speed setting 3 and it began mixing all of my ingredients until the timer was finished and the cookie dough was ready. At this point all I could smell was basically Christmas in a bowl, it smelled so nice I could have eaten it there and then.

Image of hot chocolate drink ready

Next I made the hot chocolate, I used the which I was told to on the screen and placed them into the bowl and turned it to speed setting one, which is the setting for heating things up. The timer had pre-set itself to six minutes and that was basically the hot chocolate done!I then poured it into Christmas mugs and it was ready to drink!

Image of hot chocolate and cookies finished

By the time I had added in all of the ingredients and the chocolate had finished heating up, the cookies were ready, so I was ready for a hot chocolate and cookie! I have to say the cookies tasted so nice and fresh and had cooked  evenly. Using the Thermomix TM5 saved me a load of time and with the recipe and ingredients displayed on the front, I didn’t really need to have a huge amount of cooking knowledge to be able to make both of these.

Once I tried this amazingly versatile machine I was amazed that I ever managed without it. The TM5, with it’s digital touchscreen, gives step by step guidance for all you need to know to make some incredible meals. I’ve tried two of these recipes and I can’t wait to go and try the rest, the Thermomix is going to save me a whole lot of time at Christmas and give me a huge number of different recipes to try.

Watch Mandy demonstrate how to make hot chocolate and Christmas cookies using the Vorwerk Thermomix TM5:

The Thermomix costs around £965 and also comes with a free 6 month subscription to Cookiedoo which gives access to over 20,000 different recipes for you to try. There is also a basic recipes book if you don’t want to use the digital screen, all of the ingredients are in this book if you prefer following a recipe book.

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Head on over to Vorwerk to get your very own Thermomix TM5  here.

We can’t wait to try even more of the recipes using this amazing kitchen appliance.

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