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Christmas Gift Review 2019: Animagic Scoot My Follow Me Pup

Get ready to meet interactive Scoot My Follow Me Pup from Animagic.  We were kindly sent Scoot to review and here’s what Elaine thought.

Image of Animagic Scoot boxed

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Here is what Elaine thought about Animagic Scoot:

I really like toys that help encourage kids to learn and share their toys with friends and family as well as learning how to care for a family pet.

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Inside the box you will find Animagic Scoot My Follow Me Pup who has a super soft, fluffy, grey coat and a cute little bone shaped name tag hanging from its green collar and measures H 23 x W 27 x D17cm.

Scoot is such a good boy! Reward him with a tickle and watch his tail wag and listen as he barks excitedly!

Image of Animagic Scoot out of box

This cute little schnauzer, will follow his owner wherever he/she goes, barking with happiness as he wags his fluffy tail. 4 x AA batteries are required and are included; however, a fine screwdriver (not included) will be required when opening the battery compartment, which can be found on the Velcro enclosed underside of the toy. I didn’t find this too difficult to get into and placing the batteries in was really easy to do and I did like the fact that the Velcro covered the battery pack.

Amazon, £37.50 BUY NOW

Scoot has two modes, on his lead and off his lead. When he has his lead on he walks alongside his owner and when his lead is unclipped he will run off, zig zagging and wagging his tail excitedly but at the call of his name or a clap of a hand Scoot will come running back.

Image of Animagic Scoot

Easy to activate by simply pressing the top of his head, when I did this Scoot began to barks and move around. Unlike many toys,  he can move on both carpet and hard floors without difficulty and stops when he bumps into an obstacle. I also liked the way that even though Scoot was walking he didn’t fall over and fall when in the carpet.

Overall I thought Scoot was really cleaver and loved how interactive he was.”

Suitable for ages 4+ and priced at around £49.99, Scoot would make an ideal gift for a birthday or as a Christmas gift and with around 35 sound and motion combinations he will make the most loving, loyal friend and obedient pet.

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