Christmas Gift Review 2019: Apple HomePod White

At Christmas time, we all want to hear our favourite music, listen to podcasts and more. We were kindly sent this Apple HomePod to review from, here’s what we thought.

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Mandy from the team reviewed the Apple HomePod.

“I love smart speakers and enjoy trying out all of the different speakers you can get on the market, so I was really keen to give the Apple HomePod, which we were sent by, to review.  When the pod arrived, I took it out of the box and I have to say it is fairly heavy, but in one respect I liked that because it meant it wasn’t going to slide on a unit or get knocked off easily. The cable can be wrapped in a coil shape to ensure there would be no damage to it while it was being delivered. The fabric was soft to touch and was in a stylish white colour.

Image of Homepod

Once I had the HomePod in place, I plugged it in and I had a welcome tune. I followed the included instructions which stated I had to connect to the Wi-Fi, turn on the Bluetooth on my iOS device and hold my device near the HomePod. As soon as I did this my phone came up with the set up.

I had to follow the setup which included selecting which room the HomePod was in, in my case it was the office, but there were loads of different options including kitchen, bathroom, bedroom etc. Next up is personal requests so that anyone using the Pod can send and read messages, add reminders, create notes and more, however this is not mandatory and you can skip this option.

Image of Apple Homepod white

I then agreed to the terms and conditions, then it’s time for my account settings including iCloud settings etc. After I had done all of this the HomePod lit up and said “Hi, I’m Siri, welcome to HomePod, you can’t see but I’m waving, to get started say Hey Siri what can you do?” so I did.

Siri then told me she could do lots of different things including telling me the weather, the latest news and Siri could even turn off my lights! So I asked Siri to play my favourite Christmas radio station which she did. The music was really clear and I didn’t have to ask Siri over and over again to play the station because she didn’t understand, although I could press my finger on top of the pod and hold and Siri would allow me to talk to her.

Image of Apple Homepod
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The HomePod has a 6 microphone array which means she can pick up my voice from a fair distance away. I could also get Siri to tell me if I had any messages and even let me respond to those messages by just using the HomePod. I could even have my very own playlist if I wanted it, I also had the option to control the HomePod by tapping once on the top of the pod to pause, twice to skip to the next song and triple tap to play the previous song.

Not only does it have all of these features but Apple’s HomePod could even control things like my heating, kettle, lighting and more as long as these were smart devices which was great when I’m in the office and I want the kettle to boil in time for the coffee break!

Image of homepod by Apple

One of the other features I did like was the fact that if I had more than one HomePod I could connect the two together so that if I had a HomePod in the office, I could ask the HomePod in my office to play music on the one up stairs – a great way to have Christmas music playing throughout the office and house!

Overall I was really impressed with the Apple HomePod, I like all of the features but in particular I really liked how easy it was to set up and how many different smart home products I could control with just a simple request, perfect!”.

The Apple HomePod can be bought online for £279.99 over at kindly sent us the Apple HomePod to review but all thoughts are our own.

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