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Christmas Gift Review 2019: Canon Pixma MG3050

It’s got to that stage where we’ve all exhausted the normal routes of gift sets or socks as gifts and we’re in dire need of finding something a little bit more thoughtful, yet practical and can print off our festive snaps. Enter the Canon Pixma MG3050 printer which we were very gratefully gifted.

It might not be an obvious choice as a Christmas gift, but we think it would be ideal for those who want to print their seasonal snaps or for those techy lovers in your life who are in need of a bit of an upgrade. We asked Katy to try this out and share her thoughts:

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“Aw no! they asked me to review a tech product knowing full well I am not very tech savvy. According to John, that’s exactly why I’ve been asked to try it out, because I’m best to talk about it’s ease of use. I’m really not sure whether I should take that as a compliment or not to be honest!

I only use my desktop computer at work. At home, I’m a mobile phone or Laptop kind of lass and if I’m honest, I always end up ordering my photo prints online or asking friends to print out anything I need because I was convinced I would need an actual PC to use a printer.

The Canon Pixma MG3950 arrived in a red box which I was expecting to be really heavy, but in fact it was actually more lightweight than I had expected. Straight away I noticed it said on the box that it has wireless printing capability. This makes my job a whole lot easier!

Inside the box, directly on top, is a wad of instruction manuals. Don’t worry! they are instructions for every language and only two sheets apply to you (simply choose which language you speak). If you prefer, there’s also video installation help videos you can watch.

For the initial setup, you need a laptop where you should head to the setup website in the instructions. All you need to do is click the download link and follow the simple instructions on the screen. You can choose to connect using a wireless router or via USB or a direct connection. You’ll see some simple pictures to follow which show how to do insert the ink and how to load & resize the printer tray for different sized paper.

It took me roughly 15 minutes to complete the initial setup and have the printer up and running using my laptop, but I really wanted to use it with my smartphone.

I downloaded the Canon Print app and followed the simple on screen instructions to setup. I was prompted to start printing photos and I selected a photo to try it out. I accidentally placed the photo paper in the wrong side so the first try was a fail, but after fixing the paper (moving the slide to the other side), I was printing good style!! I now have a few photos printed for picture frames that I have bought for Christmas gifts!

The quality of the pictures is brilliant – definitely worth experimenting with other types of paper if you’re like me and love photos in your home or for scrapbooking.

All in all I’m really impressed with this and would actually be thrilled if I were to receive this as a gift.”

The Canon Pixma MG3050 is available at Wilko.

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