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Christmas Gift Review 2019: Escape Room The Game

Three thrilling rooms to escape with only 60 minutes. So can you do it with Escape Room: The Game? We were kindly sent this to review, here’s what the team thought.

Image of Escape Room: The Game

“This game is suitable for 3 and 5 players so the whole team was involved in this one. Escape Rooms are becoming more and more popular as a fun way to work as a team and we were excited to give this game a go. Taking the contents out of the box, we had the Chrono Decoder which required 3 X AA batteries and collected all the keys.

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Image of Escape Room The Game what is included

As per the instructions, we played the ‘adventure 1’ first which was Prison Break, first, and then each level thereafter which increased in difficulty as we went along. There are 16 keys in the game and we had to use them in the correct combinations at the right times to win the game. There were 4 sets of different keys which each contain 4 keys. Each set had a unique combination Digit, Arrow, Letter, Roman Number, Shape bottom, Dot, shape and finally zigzag edge,

We had to go through each adventure (which had three parts) and we had to put the correct key combinations into the Chrono Decoder before the 60 minute time ran out to win the game and move onto the next level. Each adventure also has clues and hints to help you solve the code. When we had done this and entered the codes correctly, some victory music played and the timer stopped, however there was one or two times where we entered in the wrong code and we heard an ‘error’ sound and 1 minute was deducted from the time. Certainly adds a bit of pressure when you only have 60 minutes to get the code right!

Image of Escape Room each round

There was also an option to download the ‘Escape Room: The Game’ app which we did and it added in a bit of music which really did create some tension as we went through the rounds trying to work out everything.

Overall the whole team loved The Escape Room game, it really made us work together as a team but it did make you feel as though you really were in an Escape Room especially with the added music.”

Escape Room: The Game can be bought online for £29.99, is suitable for ages 16+ and more information can be found here.

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