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Christmas Gift Review 2019: Foreo Picture Perfect UFO + LUNA Mini 2

Winter can be harsh on our skin and it can easily get clogged up and look dull. Thankfully Foreo have brought out the perfect duo – Foreo Picture Perfect UFO + LUNA mini 2 set and we have been sent one to review.

Image of Foreo Picture Perfect gift sets 2019
Image credit: Foreo

Mandy from our team was happy to try the LUNA Mini 2.

“The first thing I will say is I’m a huge fan of Foreo, it’s really easy to set up and it’s so good on my skin and I was really looking forward to trying the Picture Perfect UFO + LUNA mini 2 set. The first one I used was the LUNA mini 2, which was simple to set up, I simply took it out of the box, charged it up for a little while and it was ready to go.

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Image of Foreo picture perfect luna mini 2

I dampened my face and applied my cleanser, put some water on the LUNA mini 2 and turned it on.  I then gently moved the brush in circular motions all over my face for 1 minute and then the LUNA stopped. After that I rinsed and dried my face and I have to say I was so impressed. Not only did my skin feel so clean, it didn’t feel tingly or anything like that. I have been using this for quite a few days now, once in the morning and once at night and my skin looks so much cleaner, my blemishes are reducing and my face looks so fresh. There were eight different intensities which I could control and I tried them all, each of these were great and really it’s just whatever your preference is.

Holly from our team was happy to try the FOREO UFO.

I tried the Foreo UFO which I loved the look of, it is hot pink with a gold centre and FOREO emblazoned in the middle. Setting this up, I needed to download the app and click start a treatment. I turned on the Foreo then I scanned the ‘day’ face mask barcode which was included in the box.

Image of picture perfect Foreo UFO

The one thing I thought was an amazing feature was that the app no matter what Foreo mask I scanned, it new exactly what to do such as adding heat or keeping it cool. So I placed the mask onto the back of the Foreo and it was ready to use. I gently glided the Foreo UFO across my face in circles until the UFO stopped which meant it was finished. I then patted the excess mask into my skin and added in a little bit of moisturiser. My skin started to minimize any imperfections on my face and smooth out my skin.”

Image of Foreo picture perfect gift set

Overall we loved both the Foreo LUNA mini 2 and the Foreo UFO, Mandy really does love the mini 2 but thinks she will try the FOREO UFO after hearing how much Holly liked this product.

Foreo Picture Perfect Gift Set can be bought online at Foreo and Amazon.

We were kindly sent this but all thoughts are our own.

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