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Christmas Gift Review 2019: FurReal Cubby The Curious Bear

Meet Cubby the curious bear by FurReal. The interactive, expressive bear loves to play and responds with over 100 sound and motion combinations. Cubby will be a favourite on wishlists to Santa for Christmas 2019. We were lucky enough to be sent one to review.

Furreal Cubby
Image credit: Hasbro

FurReal are known for creating interactive chart topping childrens toys. Now, they have released Cubby the Curious Bear who as we mentioned, responds with more than one hundred sound and movement combinations. Cubby is suitable for ages 4+, requires C batteries and his dimensions are 21.6 x 50.8 x 44.4 cm.

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Weighing in at under 2kg, Cubby is light enough to be carried around easily but heavy enough to be sturdy and hard wearing.

We sent Mandy off to try Cubby out and here she shares her thoughts:

“Cubby the curious bear is genuinely one of the cutest looking plush toys I’ve ever seen! with his big blue eyes, cute bear nose and tiny little teeth, I almost want to just keep him as my pet. He’s much cleaner than an actual pet!

First off, this requires 4 x ‘C’ alkaline batteries so make sure you’ve got some at home in case Santa delivers Cubby to your house – also make sure you have a small screwdriver to get into this as it’s very sturdy but also awkward to get into.

Once the batteries are in, cubby has three modes – off, sleeping and active. In sleeping mode, Cubby yawns, stretches and closes his eyes whilst he sleeps to the sound of a little lullaby which was just so cute to hear.

In active mode, cubby springs into action! Instantly, he started to gabber, sing and wave his arms around at the touch of an ear or the sound of my voice. Play some music and Cubby started to sing his own song and dance alone as he twitches his nose, shakes his ears and opens his mouth to reveal tiny little teeth!

Overall I loved all of the cute features that Cubby had especially when he began to sing!”

Cubby moves around more than a toddler and is definitely going to keep little ones entertained at Christmas time!’

Find out more about Cubby the Curious Bear at Hasbro of buy from Amazon UK.

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